The Seven Deadly Sins of Backup and Recovery

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Click through for the seven deadly sins of backup and recovery, as identified by Unitrends.

From storms like Hurricane Sandy to component failures to human error, there are myriad situations and emergencies that can threaten an organization’s data, servers and systems. Businesses of all sizes need to make sure their business continuity/disaster recovery plans are up to snuff, so as to minimize downtime, preserve customer service and prevent the often-dire ramifications of data loss.

Having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan doesn’t have to be an elusive goal, though there are common and, unfortunately, crippling mistakes that organizations often make. Based on its experience in the field, Unitrends, a provider of all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery solutions, has identified the seven deadly sins of backup and recovery in the hopes of helping companies avoid a fatal failure.

Organizations, beware: This slideshow features the perilous pitfalls, including information on how and why they happen and, most importantly, how they can be avoided and overcome.


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