11 Digital Trends to Watch in 2011

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Click through for 11 digital trends from Steve Rubel and David Armano of Edelman Digital.

Topics : NetSuite, Stimulus Package, Accounting and Financial Management Solutions, Cloud Computing, SMBs

According to Steve Rubel, Senior Vice President, Director of Insights at Edelman Digital, one of the most interesting parts of his job is working with David Armano each January to curate the key trends they think their clients and teams need to think about in the year ahead.

For this year’s installment, they have identified 11 trends. If there’s a common theme that runs through it all, it’s that there will increasingly be a lot of information coming at us, yet the same amount of time to digest it all. This, as Auggie Ray from Forrester notes, will make standing out more challenging.

In this slideshow, you will find the same recommendations they are sharing with their clients and helping them bake into their strategies.


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