IBM Smarter Plant: Cloud Computing

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Click through for results from a cloud computing survey conducted by Osterman Research on behalf of Electric Cloud.

Conserve energy. Consolidate resources. Make information secure and available whenever and wherever it's needed. Think outside the data center.

It's time to think about more intelligent ways to handle the 15 petabytes of new information we generate each day, and the massive increase of connected devices we use to work with that data. Optimizing for the remarkably diverse workloads managed by businesses, organizations and governments. It's time for a platform designed for efficient, effective computing in wide open other words, everywhere. That's what the IBM Cloud is all about .

More Resources:

IBM's Unique Advantage Identifying the specific economic drivers of cloud computing in today's business environment.

A New Vision for the Enterprise Data Center Cloud managers discuss IBM's unique capabilities to provide a bridge from existing IT models to cloud computing.

 Enery Efficient Solutions Addressing development and test team needs, and driving ever-greater cloud functionality with IBM's powerful hardware.


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