The Rise of Social Media in the Enterprise

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Click through for results from a survey on social media conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of the IT services firm Avanade. 

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Whether it’s because the economy forced business executives to find less expensive ways to reach out to customers or there are just more millennials in the workforce, social networking looks like it’s here to stay in the enterprise.

A new survey conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of the IT services firm Avanade finds that 70 percent of the responding 538 business and IT executives said their company has put social media on their business and IT agenda. And perhaps more astoundingly, the survey finds that 60 percent said the senior managers in their organizations now understand the value of social media.

Of course, understanding the value of social media doesn’t mean the companies are any closer to figuring out how to manage social media. But the survey does indicate that managers are finally getting proactive about it.


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