Seven Reasons Why Mobile Enterprise App Development Should Happen in the Cloud

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When you’re ready to start developing apps, the cloud is ready and waiting. With a cloud-based development platform, the hard part is done; security, integrations, backend connections, APIs, pre-packaged functions and more are already set up. That means developers can focus on building great apps more quickly, with rapid and efficient iterations from code to testing and debugging. When an app is built faster, it’s ready for market faster, which means users get their hands on it in record time.

Mobility is a must-do for today’s enterprise. But the path to mobile success isn’t always clear. What apps do we need? What devices, OSes, and experiences should we support? How will our customers and/or employees use our apps? And what’s the best way to get them built?

Organizations face a variety of answers and options to all of these questions. But increasingly, certain approaches outperform the rest. Cloud-based mobile app development is one such case. By combining the flexibility, control, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with the latest in app design and development, cloud-based mobility solutions offer enterprises a platform on which to base an efficient, effective, scalable and ultimately successful long-term mobile strategy. This slideshow provides seven great reasons explaining why mobile enterprise app development should happen in the cloud, as identified by Abhay Parasnis, president and COO at Kony, Inc.


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