Navigating Your Way Through an IT Road Map

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Create a Realistic Timeline

Once you understand what you have, what you need, and what you want, you can begin to plan out your IT roadmap. Questions you'll want to ask when visualizing that IT roadmap timeline include the following:

  • What sorts of skills and personnel are needed to implement the roadmap?
  • What steps need to be taken — from the exploratory phase of technology to the implementation?
  • What's the financial situation?
  • How and when will we measure progress on the project?
  • What research and data do we need?
  • How will the roadmap team communicate with key personnel and other employees?
  • Who will be the point person of the project?
  • What tools do we need to support the roadmap and its implementation?
  • How flexible can the business afford to be with timelines and goals?
  • Where are the risks present? Are the bigger ones addressed first?
  • Do we have incremental "value adds" along the way?

When was the last time you held an honest-to-goodness map in your hands, squinting at the minuscule print as you tried to pinpoint the curves in the road? You've probably ditched that glove box navigation companion for a GPS system some time ago, automating your route in the process.

However, you didn't ditch the need for the map.

Similarly, if your company plans to develop an IT roadmap to serve as a blueprint for its agile development efforts, you'll have to grab that magnifying glass and compass to chart the best course for your business.

Often, when undertaking this roadmapping task, personnel — whether internal IT staff or a consulting firm — may get in over their heads. In this slideshow, Himanshu Sareen, CEO of Icreon Tech, has identified four essential points organizations should consider to ease their roadmap creation process.


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