Governance Challenges in the Age of Big Data and Technological Advances

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Network Breaches

With all of these network breaches, why are we not seeing information governance emerge even more in organizations? Are we going to see the drivers come out of the security departments and the security domains in organizations?

From R. Hale: The problem is that information governance is so often tainted with the stick part of the carrot-stick relationship. So many people talk about risk and the risk of leakage and data loss. Ultimately, organizations are looking to benefit from information governance. To get somebody to sign off on an information governance initiative, one needs to show return on investment. I find the thing about risk is somewhat clichéd as it’s connected to information governance and sometimes unhelpful.

From J. Garde: I think that’s an interesting perspective because we always say that information governance involves risk, yes, but also cost – the cost of forming the governance and managing the information. One of the problems we encounter is that if we look at information governance as being the application of information policies, we find that these policies are fractured across the organization.

During Global Information Governance Day (GIGD), held this year in February, RSD, a leading provider of information governance solutions for the enterprise, hosted an exclusive online panel discussion on the challenges being faced by organizations today dealing with information governance issues. Information management professionals and industry pundits joined the lineup of expert panelists, which included Barclay T. Blair, co-founder and executive director at the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), Richard Hale, CTO at Active Navigation, and Jon Garde, senior product manager at RSD, former Chair of the DLM forum and author of the MOREQ 2010 standard. Ed Hallock, senior director of North American marketing at RSD, moderated the panel.

Read further to learn how executives can overcome the challenges of managing the explosion of data and technology within their organizations.


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