Four Steps to Implement Mobile CRM the Right Way

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Step 1: Crawl

Upsell mobile messaging using existing lists and marketing channels. For example, include a text call-to-action in email marketing outreach or promote MMS campaigns from social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

From the data side, vet existing lists to see what contacts have mobile phone information, and work with partners to understand how usable this contact information is according to the latest industry compliance guidelines. Focus on understanding the incentives required to build a mobile list by A/B split testing campaign content and rewarding internal initiatives that gain traction.

The ubiquity of smartphones has made mobile marketing essential for success in today's business environment. Effective execution, however, requires more than launching creative campaigns. Companies have to integrate mobile data across channels, including SMS, MMS, voice, social, push, Web, apps, wallet and location-based services, as the demand for personalization necessitates a cross-channel approach.

To utilize customer data and develop hyper-targeted mobile content, commonly referred to as "mobile customer relationship management" or "mobile CRM," companies should take a phased, iterative approach. Mobile expert and Waterfall's head of strategy Matt Silk explores how companies can better track success and increase the return on their mobile investment by taking four small steps: Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly.

Best of all, marketers can launch many aspects of the initial phases right away. After developing a solid foundation of easy-to-implement action items, implementation of advanced mobile marketing that maximizes revenue and reduces cost becomes much more tangible.


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