Five Ways to Avoid Connectivity Perils and Improve Employee Productivity

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Corporate road warriors learn how to navigate in and out of coverage areas, but the typical mobile device user doesn’t know – or care – which network they’re using. They just want the fastest, easiest connection, and cost is rarely considered when the company is paying the bill.

With the prevalence of public and private Wi-Fi networks - at home, restaurants and other public places - companies can save significant money by taking advantage of Wi-Fi access from smartphones and tablets. Wi-Fi apps are available that can detect secure Wi-Fi networks nearby and facilitate login for users. They can even turn on Wi-Fi radios that have been switched off by the user, and revert back to cellular when Wi-Fi connections are poor.

The need for connectivity is a constant in the average consumer’s day-to-day life. Today, nearly every task we undertake involves a smartphone, the Internet or Wi-Fi. Not only are we reliant on being connected at home and at work, we expect wireless connectivity every place in between, from the car to the coffee shop to the airport en route to our next meeting.

With business now moving at the speed of 4G, mobile connectivity has become central to the success of most organizations. Poor mobile connectivity impacts the productivity and effectiveness of the workforce, drives up support costs for IT, and ultimately impacts the bottom line. Smith Micro has identified the top five connectivity perils plaguing enterprises today, and provided tips on how to avoid these costly mishaps.


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