Five Ways Mobile and Cloud Are Helping Build Better Bonds with Customers

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Cloud-based mobile employee management serves to improve dispatch algorithms and job assignments based on skills and locations, meaning customers can be given a tighter window for the service person’s expected arrival, and wait less. And since the worker will know exactly what needs to be done once he or she gets there, they are in a position to do the job more quickly.

Much is being made in big tech about mobile personal assistants for consumers: Apple is engineering Siri to better anticipate user needs, Google is pouring significant investment into Google Now, and Yahoo acquired Intelligent Labs to put itself in the mix as well.

What hasn't been discussed as much is the potential for these same mobile assistants to change the game for field service personnel, i.e., those whose job involves interacting with customers and doing business at customers' homes and workplaces.

Howard Latham of Xora, a ClickSoftware company, offers five big ways that field service personnel can gain instant credibility (and brand equity for their firms) in the eyes of customers through the use of cloud-based, mobile personal assistants on their smartphones.


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