Five Reasons Email Remains Dominant

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We live in an app-driven world. So it may be a surprise to some that the common denominator allowing people to download, use, purchase and move between apps is not some hot new technology. It is email. As the common linkage between channels, email is the ubiquitous master channel that enables people to plug into social networks and connect the various components of their digital personas.

The standard that defined email was codified 33 years ago. It hasn’t changed a great deal since its inception. The world has grown up on email, and an array of technologies and enhancements have been developed to ensure the long-term viability, security and cross-platform functionality of the medium.  

Email’s ubiquitous nature extends beyond marketing into the automation of customer service. Where would we be without automated password resets via email or abandoned shopping cart messages? Or the humble welcome letter, policy updates and other forms of transactional messaging. Email is the system of record that helps us organize, document, track and streamline commerce while providing an audit trail. Email gives us the option to be as verbose as we want to be, or as curt and direct as we need to be.

Numerous pundits have stated that Millennials are moving away from email — Snapchat was the latest thing. Before that it was SMS; now Meerkat and Periscope are in vogue. Here’s the plain truth -- Millennials are growing up snapping, Vineing, Meerkating, Periscoping – they're coming of age on social networks and then embracing email as they enter the workforce, or with their first Amazon purchase, which uses an email address for a login and relies on email for the stream of confirmations and updates that follow.

In this slideshow, Phillip Merrick, CEO of Message Systems, has identified five reasons email remains dominant and isn't going away any time soon.


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