Evolving Enterprise Tech: What Does 2016 Hold?

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Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS)

Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) technology will be become an integral part of business workflow.

The process of syncing and sharing files in a corporate setting isn’t something employees want an independent process for; they’d rather have it be an integral part of their workflows. With that being said, file sharing and collaboration will become an integral part of all of our workflows. With employees wanting to streamline their work, it only makes sense for EFSS technology to be integrated to cut down on unnecessary applications.

With the limited amount of time employees have on a daily basis to complete their work, a streamlined file sharing and collaboration solution is an essential part of employee productivity — ensuring employees are efficient and productive. Integrating file sync and sharing capabilities into commonly used applications, such as email and instant messenger, will allow for employees and their workflows to become more efficient. By having all (or most) of their essential applications stored in one place, employees are presented with a “single pane of glass” experience that maximizes productivity.

With 2016 upon us and companies expecting more and more from enterprise IT, executives are looking to industry experts for trends and analysis of what the new year could hold.

Two major trends in 2015 were the increasing adoption of cloud technology and the increasing frequency of costly data breaches. As a result, it’s safe to say that most companies consider improving security and efficiency to be their biggest concerns for 2016. The rapidly changing technology landscape makes it more important than ever for companies and their employees to be aware of what 2016 holds.

In this slideshow, Accellion shares thoughts on technology trends expected to be seen in the enterprise and the changes that can be expected in different facets of an enterprise organization.


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