Embracing the Mobile Development Trends of 2016

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Best-of-Breed Trumps All-in-One

When mobile expertise was still hard to find, mobile platforms provided value by combining a set of finicky technologies (like authentication, push notifications, geo-location, analytics, etc.) into a bundled and tuned stack – an all-in-one platform for developers to consume. Building a mobile app has since become something that’s well within reach of most organizations and the bar has been raised significantly. Instead of cookie cutter apps, users now demand engaging, bespoke mobile experiences. With the rise in popularity of so-called microservices, developers have become quite comfortable assembling individual, best-of-breed services and combining them into custom mobile solutions. Similarly, forward-thinking MBaaS and MAPD vendors are breaking down their offerings into loosely coupled components that can be consumed together or separately as part of a “pluggable” architecture.

Recommendation: Insist on an architecture that allows you to run A/B tests – every month, if needed. Pick whichever service provides better results and incorporate the winner into your solution for continuous improvements.

Over the last few years, mobile has swept across the enterprise and mobile apps have become part of the way we communicate, collaborate and work. Creating, deploying and scaling mobile apps has evolved from something only a handful of specialists could achieve to becoming the core competency of an entire industry comprising mobile consultants, digital agencies, service providers and technology providers.

The flipside is that organizations are inundated with pitches, products and technology choices and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of what’s truly trending across mobile development amongst all the clamoring voices.

In this slideshow, Built.io, an award-winning technology provider with solutions that enable organizations to quickly create, integrate and scale apps across mobile, web and IoT, identifies the key trends that mobile developers and enterprises adopting a mobile program can benefit from right now.


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