Debunking the Top Data Center Myths

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Myth 4: Data center space is expensive.

Leasing space allows companies to pay for what they need and scale as their requirements and business grow. Given today’s data-driven economy, a company’s data are critical business assets that should be treated as such. When thinking about the value of your data compared to the cost of having a safe place to hold and make use of your data, data center space is a relative bargain in most cases. We’re finding that many startups start out using the public cloud because it requires no upfront cost and it’s quick and easy to get started. However, as they grow, they find the cost and lack of control/flexibility make it more advantageous to move to a private cloud or dedicated data center. Over time, most organizations will have some combination of all three.

Data centers provide the very foundation for our increasingly digitized world. Yet, misconceptions persist about data centers, from their role, to how they operate, to why they are located where they are, to what the future holds for them given the rapid pace of technology development. As one of the world’s largest data center providers, Digital Realty is debunking six of the most common myths to help set the record straight.


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