5 Steps to Build an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

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Build a Business Case

Step #1: Build a business case.

Perform a channel assessment to determine which channels are effective, which are not, and which channels are not in your portfolio, but should be. Use future-view journey mapping to identify gaps that need to be filled and where you can generate additional value from existing channels.

Companies that succeed in making the customer experience consistent and seamless across devices logically enjoy greater customer engagement and loyalty. Omnichannel support delivers business value through increased conversion and reduced attrition. The approach provides companies with better insights into buying patterns and delivers greater differentiation – because customers are more loyal to companies that offer a "great" user experience.

So why doesn't every company double down on Omnichannel? The truth is that most businesses are built on systems with rigid technologies and interfaces that do not readily enable an omnichannel platform with a channel-specific experience. This lack of flexibility means that organizations are struggling to deliver impressive omnichannel experiences and compete in the API economy with new and innovative business models.

In this slideshow, Mark Lister, vice president, Experience Engineering, and James M. A. Williams, director of experience engineering, Ness SES, have outlined five recommended steps companies should take to determine how they can best implement a successful omnichannel strategy.


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