5 Big Ways Big Data Is Changing the IT Network

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Network Monitoring

Network monitoring data is Big Data.

Big Data can look like massive batches of retail data, but it can also look like millions of flows of IoT data and web interactions. As the networking industry has increasingly relied on traffic flow data to understand these dynamics, the growth of that monitoring data has soared with the capacity of the networks themselves. Network monitoring such as NetFlow can generate millions of data records per minute in some cases. Accumulated over any period of time, this in itself becomes Big Data. Networking groups need to have a strategy in place for handling these massive volumes of data, while retaining enough detail to enable effective forensics and informed operational decisions.

Ensure that you have sufficient capacity to have both summary and detailed views of your network monitoring data.

Big Data generated by retail, social media, and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the challenges of storing and analyzing such data, are now commonplace ideas within the IT landscape. What is less common is the discussion about Big Data's impact on networks, both today and in the future.

Understanding the interplay between Big Data and networks, including the Internet, is an important part of planning your approach to network architecture and network operations management.

In this slideshow, Kentik has identified five ways Big Data is changing how networks work.


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