LastPassPasswords0x Are You One Password Away from a Data Breach?

27 May, 2016

To help improve overall cybersecurity practices, the first line of defense is often an educated user with strong password practices....More >

SumoLogicMachineLearning0x The 5 Best Methods for Drawing Insight out of Machine Data

27 May, 2016

The pursuit of data-driven decision making has put tracking, logging and monitoring at the forefront of the minds of product, sales and marketing teams....More >

Healthcare13-190x128.jpg 6 Ways IT Is Contributing to Health Care Inefficiencies

27 May, 2016

While an EHR is supposed to automate and streamline the clinician's workflow, most systems are not living up to the promise....More >

CarlAVVR0x 8 Uses of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for the Enterprise

26 May, 2016

Get a taste of what experts are thinking about in the realm of enterprise virtual reality and enterprise augmented reality....More >

cloud46-190x128.jpg Attack the Stack: 5 Tips for Successful Cloud Deployment

25 May, 2016

Recent research finds that 81 percent of IT pros are planning to move or are moving to OpenStack private cloud. Here are five best practices on leading the way to a production-ready OpenStack cloud solution....More >

Security103-290x195.jpg How Self-Encrypting SSDs Enhance Data Security

23 May, 2016

Hardware-based encryption is a much stronger and more reliable option for protecting data than software-based encryption or, worst case scenario, no encryption at all....More >

Misc71-190x128 10 iOS Brainstorming Apps to Organize Your Ideas

20 May, 2016

With the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile apps and devices, users can now have a nearly limitless canvas to scratch out and rearrange ideas....More >

Telecommuting7-290x195.jpg How Remote Workforce Collaboration and Productivity Are Improving

19 May, 2016

Advancements in technology have made for a more flexible and virtual workforce, allowing employees to work from home while remaining collaborative and productive....More >

IntermediaRansomwareRisk0x How to Protect Your Organization from Ransomware

18 May, 2016

Although the ransom can be costly, the reality is that the downtime inflicted by ransomware can be even more damaging to businesses....More >

mobile85-290x195.jpg 5 Tips for Securing Data and Devices While on Vacation

12 May, 2016

You may be on vacation but hackers are not. Ensure devices and networks are protected while away from the office....More >

IT_Man73-290x195 How to Create an Effective Project Management Office

12 May, 2016

Project management offices (PMOs) must operate in such a way that they demonstrate that they can support and add to the wider organization and its strategic goals....More >

Drone2-190x128.jpg What We Need to Know Now: Drones and Security

11 May, 2016

Drone security is complicated, however, because it encompasses so many different types of security threats. This is creating challenges for programmers, lawmakers and the general public, who need to address drone security without lessening the positive aspects of the devices....More >

Security100-290x195.jpg 5 Email Campaigns Evading In-Market Security Solutions

09 May, 2016

Security analytics firm Niara worked with customers to analyze email traffic and found a number of malicious email campaigns that sophisticated attackers were using to circumvent traditional defenses....More >

Misc70-190x128.jpg 5 Data Warehouse Design Mistakes to Avoid

09 May, 2016

If you are designing a data warehouse, you need to map out all the areas where there is a potential for your project to fail, before you begin....More >

Healthcare12-290x195 6 Challenges Health Care Executives Face with Data Governance

06 May, 2016

Six common challenges health care executives experience when it comes to data governance and how they can overcome them....More >

Money14-290x195 Eliminate Technical Debt to Enable a Nimble IT Organization

05 May, 2016

CIOs must pay down the accumulated technical debt to regain strategic relevance while playing the role for which IT is best suited: guiding technology decisions....More >

Global31-290x195 Why CISOs Should Care About Fiber

05 May, 2016

While most of the emphasis on protecting networks today is focused on protecting data within the enterprise or data center, the physical infrastructures of both public and private Internet networks are vulnerable to calculated attacks....More >

IT_Man72-290x195 5 Tips for Modernizing Your Business Workplace in 2016

04 May, 2016

Outdated practices may mean missing out on top talent who look for innovative and creative work environments. If a company is stuck on archaic processes, they risk facing costly consequences....More >

ITCareers43-290x195 8 Phrases Not to Say in a Job Interview

03 May, 2016

Eight phrases you should avoid using in your next job interview and what you should say instead....More >

infra86-190x128.jpg Top 5 Places Your Enterprise Data Is at Risk

29 Apr, 2016

The top five areas exposing your sensitive data to risk and tips for minimizing security vulnerabilities....More >

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