DataM32-290x195 Defining Information Governance: An Exploration with Industry Experts

17 Apr, 2015

Until recently, much of the industry has been focused on applying principles used to manage physical records and they are now realizing that records management is no longer the sufficient solution....More >

HarmonieTomorrowsBYOD0x Redefining Enterprise BYOD: Meeting Tomorrow's Demands

16 Apr, 2015

While we have much to accomplish in our quest for the mobile enterprise, many lessons have already been learned; lessons we can apply moving forward....More >

DataM31-190x128 Five Ways Dirty Data Is Killing Marketing Performance

15 Apr, 2015

As marketing becomes increasingly data driven, it’s time for marketers to make data quality a top priority....More >

Global14 Six Ways to Decide Between Offshoring and Onshoring for Your Next Project

15 Apr, 2015

While offshoring can certainly be viewed as a way to save money on development, the expectation of getting something for nothing – that is, an ideal developer for half the price – is sheer fantasy....More >

HexisCyberSoluRetailTargets0x Eight Reasons Why Cyber Attacks Hit Retailers

14 Apr, 2015

With limited IT resources and massive amounts of customer data to protect across multiple endpoints, effectively monitoring and defending the network from vulnerabilities is no easy task....More >

Social8-190x128 Six Tips for Turning Customer Feedback into a Powerful Business Tool

10 Apr, 2015

Marketing pros love to talk about Big Data, and with good reason. Unfortunately, many marketers continue to overlook their most valuable data source: their customers....More >

GlassdoorPotentialManager0x Before You Take the Job: Get to Know Your Future Manager

09 Apr, 2015

When interviewing for a new position, it can be tough and at times nerve-wracking to try to divine if the potential manager's style and team would be the right fit for you....More >

Global15-190x128 How to Spring Clean Tech Profiles for Better Organization Management

08 Apr, 2015

Five challenges and tips that are crucial for organizations to consider as they work to guarantee optimal output....More >

DataM30-190x128 The Microservices Revolution: Five Points You Need to Know

07 Apr, 2015

The use of microservices is a new way of app building that breaks up application services into smaller, independent parts and functions....More >

Disaster3-290x195 How to Avoid Downtime with a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan

07 Apr, 2015

One of the most important pieces of information to impart, to any company, is that data backup and disaster recovery services are, most definitely, not the same....More >

Healthcare9-290x195 Six Steps that Turn Health Care CFOs into IT Champions

06 Apr, 2015

CIOs aren't the only leaders concerned about rapid changes in health care technology. Regulatory changes and declining reimbursements have caused health care CFOs to adopt a "survival of the fittest" stance....More >

cloud5 Five Hidden Risks with Public Cloud Usage

03 Apr, 2015

While many enterprises are clearly realizing promised benefits from public clouds, there are still challenges and a consistent set of concerns....More >

UnitrendsDogAteHomework0x A Presidential History of the 'Dog Ate My Email' Excuse

03 Apr, 2015

Ever since email first entered the White House, presidential administrations have used the "I lost my email" excuse to evade all sorts of controversies....More >

Misc20-190x128.jpg Why Agile Companies Will Succeed with Bimodal IT

01 Apr, 2015

See how enterprise IT leaders can approach infrastructure and innovation, as the role of IT continues to evolve, to maintain a competitive advantage....More >

mobile58-190x128 Five Tips for Closing the Enterprise Mobility Gap

01 Apr, 2015

Without the right infrastructure, the essential business of app development ends up taking more time, money and resources, leaving businesses behind the eight ball....More >

software4-190x128 The Seven Ways to Review Code Like a Boss

31 Mar, 2015

The code review, or in developer parlance, the pull request, is the number one way to set the tone, rhythm and bar needed to build a high-performing team....More >

security14-190x128.jpg Financial Sector Sees Cyber Incident Increase in February

30 Mar, 2015

In February 2015, Financials was the lone industry sector with cybercrime incidents above six-month averages. This is largely attributed to the massive breach at health insurer Anthem....More >

GECapitalSkillsGap0x Getting Ahead of Your Organization's IT Skills Gap

27 Mar, 2015

Many CIOs are enthused by the potential of the Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud computing, but are uncertain as to whether they are prepared to maintain an IT workforce with all the necessary skills to support it....More >

Wearables1-190x128.jpg Five Ways Smartwatches Will Change E-Commerce

27 Mar, 2015

Smartwatches will change e-commerce as we know it, whether it's through altering the face of consumer data, miniaturizing the act of consumer engagement, or changing the way we pay for things....More >

EMCSyncplicityEnterpriseAppsUX0x Preventing Shadow IT: Tips for Designing Better Enterprise Apps

26 Mar, 2015

If users are dissatisfied with their UX, they often will migrate to less secure "shadow IT" service, which puts an entire company at risk of security incidents....More >

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