CyphortSecurityParadigm0x Don't Let the IT Security Paradigm Shift Leave You Stranded

26 Jun, 2015

While funding and awareness have increased, it is unclear if organizations are making investments that keep up with the evolving security landscape....More >

Wearables4-190x128 Wearable Apps: Ten Factors Developers and Testers Need to Know

25 Jun, 2015

The biggest challenge for companies that want to develop for wearables is ensuring that quality matches user expectations....More >

Web5-190x128 Optimizing Graphical Web Content: Ten Dos and Don’ts

25 Jun, 2015

Data has shown that 56 percent of websites either do a poor job of optimizing images or don’t do it at all. What can be done when optimizing images for websites and what should you avoid?...More >

infra49-190x128 Five Trends Shaping the Future of IT

23 Jun, 2015

Five technology and operational trends that will help corporate IT organizations deliver better business outcomes via the optimal use of technology....More >

Misc55-190x128 Six Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure in Business

23 Jun, 2015

One of the most common things holding back many people from reaching the success they deserve is the fear of failure....More >

AlientVaultMSSPMistakes0x Five Mistakes Managed Security Service Providers Should Avoid

23 Jun, 2015

MSSPs are at an exciting point where market acceptance, awareness and demand have converged. However, excitement and the prospect of profits can create haste, and with haste comes an increased risk of mistakes....More >

VoltDBDatabase0x SQL or NoSQL: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Needs

23 Jun, 2015

The two camps have evolved significantly, and the question still remains: When should you use a SQL-based database to solve your problem, and when should you turn to NoSQL?...More >

mobile64-190x128 How Business Can Stay Connected Through the Summer Months

22 Jun, 2015

With the onset of summer, companies are likely to have more employees scattered around the world, straining communications and bottlenecking progress. But does that mean companies have to just get by during the summer months?...More >

Money2-290x195.jpg Ten Top-Paying Tech Security Jobs

16 Jun, 2015

According to a new analysis of Dice salary data, the need for security professionals has translated into salaries for certain tech professionals that greatly exceed the baseline for tech-pro salaries....More >

Holiday17-290x195 Eleven Hot Gadgets for Dads and Grads

16 Jun, 2015

Got a gadget-loving grad or dad that you need a gift for? We've gathered a list of 11 new and innovative gadgets that are sure to please....More >

ITCareers34-190x128 Data Protection: Five Challenges Facing the Enterprise HR Department

15 Jun, 2015

HR departments are faced with unique security challenges - securing the flow of PII as well as sharing policies and inter-office communications....More >

infra48-290x195 Eight Hot DevOps Software Testing Tools

15 Jun, 2015

It is essential that your entire team - developers, testers, and the business - have a highly accurate, near real-time measure of the risk and quality associated with the features in your delivery pipeline....More >

Gov3-190x128 Study Examines Government Cloud Adoption and Shadow IT

12 Jun, 2015

Under FITARA, U.S. federal CIOs have new obligations to not only oversee sanctioned cloud services procured by the agency, but also shadow IT, which has brought to light a great deal of uncertainty about how employees are using cloud services in government agencies....More >

TalendDinosaurBigData0x If Dinosaurs Had Big Data, Would They Be Extinct?

11 Jun, 2015

What if dinosaurs had had technology? Or Big Data? Would it have made a difference in their story? Would they still be alive today?...More >

Disaster1-190x128 Seven Steps for Developing a Successful Disaster Recovery Strategy

11 Jun, 2015

With the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, the threat of tornadoes in the Midwest, and a looming strain on the electric grid from summer heat waves, companies must ensure that disaster recovery strategies are rock solid and battle-tested....More >

cloud31-190x128.jpg Moving to the Public Cloud: Six Steps for Success

10 Jun, 2015

Companies are still figuring out how to begin incorporating public cloud services into existing IT operations. High-priority considerations early in the process include: streamlining the migration process, reducing risk wherever possible and targeting early wins....More >

mobile63-190x128 Tap the Power of Your Network: Five Mobile Apps

10 Jun, 2015

If leveraged and utilized properly, countless working professionals have seen a direct correlation between their network and their overall net worth....More >

mindShiftHostedDesktop0x Six Benefits of Hosted Desktop for Remote Workers

09 Jun, 2015

Companies are challenged with employing a BYOD strategy that lets employees work remotely while keeping corporate data private and secure. Hosted desktop may provide some answers....More >

Security66-290x195 Five Reasons Why Information Security Is Everyone's Job

09 Jun, 2015

Information security has broken out of the confines of the technically elite and is becoming part of everyone's job and day-to-day life. And that's a good thing....More >

Wearables3-190x128 Five Potential Security Concerns Related to Wearables

08 Jun, 2015

With enterprise-sensitive information now being transferred from wrist to wrist, businesses should prepare early and create security policies and procedures regarding the use of wearables within the enterprise....More >

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