blockchain The World According to Blockchain

09 Aug, 2017

Blockchain comes with many costs and is surrounded by confusion. Here, we examine realistic use cases, drawbacks and the potential of blockchain....More >

IoT challenges IoT: Top 7 Challenges

19 Jul, 2017

The IoT represents a unique set of challenges that pose a real threat to its utility as an engine of economic growth. Fortunately, the problems encountered so far are solvable, although it will probably take some time to determine exactly how to handle them and what level of optimization is needed for the multiple IoT services that are certain to arise....More >

biometrics Biometrics: Moving Far Beyond Fingerprints

28 Jun, 2017

Biometrics are changing the way we think about security. Here are some of the more innovative ways biometrics are being used and what we can expect in the future....More >

bots How Bots Are Going to Work to Increase Efficiency

20 Jun, 2017

Businesses are adopting bots to enhance business practices, in everything from procurement to marketing to sales to recruiting....More >

Remote wipe 10 Steps Your Organization Should Take to Keep Mobile Device Data Secure

26 Apr, 2017

In the wake of new reports of serious breaches of mobile devices and data, security professionals share their tips for securing mobile devices and their favorite security solutions....More >

Privacy rollback Security Pros Give Their Opinions on ISP Data Privacy Rollback

26 Apr, 2017

IT staff, organization leaders, and the average citizen have all expressed levels of concern over the FCC about-face in regard to ISP privacy. Here’s what the security experts say....More >

IBM Watson How and Why Companies Are Incorporating the Power of IBM Watson

31 Mar, 2017

Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time. Learn how companies are harnessing that AI power to create and improve products and services....More >

Wearables How Wearable Devices Are Creating Innovation in the Workplace

28 Mar, 2017

Wearables are revolutionizing the workplace, with innovations that create a safer work environment or enhance the way professionals are able to go about their job....More >

IT security skills 7 Top Skills for Security Pros

27 Feb, 2017

Executives at several top tech firms outline the skills they need now and in the near future, including IaaS and IoT security expertise. Other skills listed may surprise you....More >

IT security careers The Most In-Demand Security Jobs and How to Get Them

31 Jan, 2017

Security professionals are in demand right now, and entry-level security jobs generally fall into either an engineer or analyst role. Find out more about required skills and career paths....More >

142x105itbeusasecurity2.jpg 9 Predictions for Cybersecurity’s Role in Government and Politics in 2017

17 Jan, 2017

Experts predict how cybersecurity will affect and involve our government, policies and politics in 2017....More >

Shadow IT Security How Risky Behaviors Hurt Shadow IT Security

12 Dec, 2016

Examine some of the concerns involving shadow IT security and some of the riskiest behaviors, applications and devices....More >

BitSightRansomware0x Ransomware: The Rising Face of Cybercrime

04 Nov, 2016

Ransomware is a legitimate threat, with estimates from the U.S. Department of Justice showing that over 4,000 of these attacks have occurred every day since the beginning of the year....More >

InfoBuildersIoTData0x Capitalizing on IoT Data: The Golden Rule for Data Success

03 Nov, 2016

The key to truly capitalizing on IoT data is a well-established, integrated information management strategy....More >

Security121-190x128 5 Ways CFOs Can Implement an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

02 Nov, 2016

While cybersecurity concerns are widespread, finance remains one of the most vulnerable areas for malicious attacks....More >

eCommerce16-290x195 E-Commerce: 5 Strategies to Drive Revenue over the Holidays

01 Nov, 2016

With an historic shift toward e-commerce, it's more important than ever that retailers have the right pieces in place to successfully capture online traffic and drive conversions....More >

Five9RemoteEmployees0x 5 Best Practices to Enable Remote Workers

01 Nov, 2016

Recent years have seen a significant increase in the remote workforce as developments in technology have given employees the freedom to work anywhere, anytime....More >

DataM63-290x195 Data Storage Today: Key Takeaways from VMworld 2016

01 Nov, 2016

Survey findings include pain points for secondary storage, average restore times, the growth of hyperconvergence and rate of cloud adoption in enterprises. ...More >

DataM62-190x128 10 Steps for a Proper Data Governance Plan

31 Oct, 2016

Establishing a digital governance plan can be a challenge, but with the right education and tools, the job can be made a lot simpler....More >

cloud51-190x128 5 Best Practices for Managing Zombie Cloud Infrastructure

27 Oct, 2016

IT administrators need to identify zombie assets, verify idle status and shut off anything that is unused. Here's how to get your dormant infrastructure back in shape....More >

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