IT_Man71-290x195 5 Tips for Effectively Implementing a Desktop Virtualization Solution

28 Apr, 2016

With the threat of security breaches increasing exponentially, and continued BYOD use in several highly regulated industries like health care, VDI continues to grow in relevance and importance as a way to deliver security-by-design....More >

Wearables7-290x195 5 Tips When Incorporating Wearables in the Workplace

28 Apr, 2016

While there are clear benefits to introducing wearables into enterprise functions, organizations must address issues concerning employee privacy and data security....More >

IT_Man70-290x195 CIOs and CMOs: Creating a Positive Online Customer Experience

27 Apr, 2016

Six key issues that CIOs and CMOs are collaborating on to preserve positive online customer experiences and protect their businesses....More >

mobile84-290x195 Enterprise Mobility Management Myth Busters: Users vs. IT Reality

26 Apr, 2016

We see time and time again, with things like shadow IT, that users don't always have the same level of appreciation for or understanding of why we need device management tools....More >

ITCareers42-290x195 5 Ways to Kick-Start Employee Energy

26 Apr, 2016

Five simple ways to reinvigorate employees — solutions that not only take up little time, but will energize the brain and body, leading to a higher-performing workforce....More >

goTransverseMonetizingIoT0x 5 Strategies for IoT Monetization

25 Apr, 2016

As IoT adoption continues to increase over the next few years, new opportunities will arise for companies to track and measure how customers are consuming products and services....More >

SnapLogicDataLakeMgmt0x Data Lakes: 8 Enterprise Data Management Requirements

20 Apr, 2016

Eight enterprise data management requirements that must be addressed in order to get maximum value from your Big Data technology investments....More >

G2CrowdDevSoftware0x Before You Buy: 5 Tips for Choosing Dev Software

20 Apr, 2016

Developers have come to rely on a variety of tools that save time, allow them to track changes, and collaborate on projects. Which ones should you choose?...More >

IT_Man69-290x195 5 Tips for Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

20 Apr, 2016

To tap the full skill set of your multi-generational team, you'll likely need more agile management approaches and new communication tools....More >

mobile83-290x195 10 Myths About Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

18 Apr, 2016

Knowing that enterprise mobility users are overwhelmingly dissatisfied, let's examine the myths that might deter organizations from trying VMI....More >

Builtio-Mobile-App-Trends0x Embracing the Mobile Development Trends of 2016

15 Apr, 2016

Five key trends that mobile developers and enterprises adopting a mobile program can benefit from right now....More >

Wearables6-290x195 5 Business Operations Transformed by Wearables

14 Apr, 2016

Mobile has revolutionized business and now wearables and intelligent automation are furthering a redesign of interactivity among employees, assets, tools and customers....More >

SisenseRetailAnalytics0x 5 Ways Retailers Can Best Leverage Data Analytics

14 Apr, 2016

The brands that are attracting and retaining customers successfully are leveraging data to better target consumers....More >

IT_Man68-190x128 Best Practices to Improve IT and DevOps Collaboration

13 Apr, 2016

Together, IT support and DevOps could be exponentially successful. Unfortunately, a recent study found that the two groups don’t always collaborate successfully....More >

Analytics17-190x128 How to Transform into an Insight-Driven Enterprise

13 Apr, 2016

To obtain the most value from data in this evolving competitive environment, many companies are progressing beyond just using analytics, and are transforming themselves to build an insight-powered enterprise....More >

NessAppRationalizaiton0x 5 Steps to Rationalize Your Application Portfolios

11 Apr, 2016

In the age of the digital economy, when business agility and quick delivery are required to compete effectively, having a rigid and costly application portfolio can become truly detrimental to the business....More >

cloud45-290x195 Ensuring an Always-Available SQL Server Cloud Deployment

11 Apr, 2016

To fully leverage the benefits of cloud and hybrid cloud environments, companies need to separate myths from facts and consider a new approach to high availability and disaster recovery....More >

AvettaSupplyChainMgmt0x How to Mitigate Supply Chain Hazards

11 Apr, 2016

By identifying the biggest risks and coming up with mitigation strategies, companies can navigate their way through the supply chain safely and efficiently....More >

infra82-190x128.jpg Digital Integration: Overcoming Enterprise Data Challenges

06 Apr, 2016

With the growing volume of data from assets and operations, there are significant challenges that asset-centric companies need to overcome to reap the benefits of digitization....More >

Protiviti-GRCPlatform0x Real-World GRC Convergence: Platform Considerations

06 Apr, 2016

Achieving GRC convergence in the face of many obstacles requires technology capable of unifying an organization's policies, processes and infrastructure....More >

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