DigiumUCaaSBenefits0x Beyond the Basics: Six Benefits of Cloud UC

18 Apr, 2014

Unified communications systems in the cloud, or UCaaS, have taken the communications industry by storm with many game-changing benefits....More >

infra21-190x128 What International Conferencing Trends Tell Us About the World

18 Apr, 2014

The conference call is a common business practice across the globe. But can conferencing usage help us learn about cultural trends?...More >

FidelisSecurityVendorQs0x Nine Questions to Ask When Selecting a Security Vendor

17 Apr, 2014

You need it. They claim to have it. What questions should you be asking as you hunt for the "just right" vendor to help you defend against the most sophisticated and determined adversaries? ...More >

LogRhythmHeartbleed0x Heartbleed: Eight Tips and Strategies for Keeping Safe

16 Apr, 2014

One of the most dangerous IT security threats of all time emerged recently -- a bug called Heartbleed. Here are eight tips for keeping your data safe....More >

Security27-290x195 Seven Key Components to Start Your Incident Response Plan

16 Apr, 2014

Regardless of the size of an enterprise or its industry, organizations must create and implement an incident response program to effectively and confidently respond to current and emerging cyber threats....More >

Misc23-290x195 Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

16 Apr, 2014

Mistakes happen, but for job seekers it can mean the difference between landing a new gig and collecting another unemployment check....More >

IT_Man16-290x195 Tensions Between IT and Business Leadership Force New Approach to Delivering Technology

15 Apr, 2014

Global research shows 37 percent of technology budgets now controlled outside of IT departments; 79 percent of C-level executives believe they can make better and faster decisions without the involvement of IT....More >

Gov1-290x195 Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Smart Government

14 Apr, 2014

The top 10 technology trends that government IT organizations should factor into their strategic planning processes....More >

Misc22-190x128 A Guide to Switching Development Teams in the Midst of a Project

11 Apr, 2014

By paying attention to documentation, contract formation, third-party relationship, collaboration tools and takeover expectations, businesses can alleviate the pain and loss of resources associated with changing development teams in the middle of a project....More >

Win81-190x128 Windows 8.1 Update: Refining the Windows Experience

10 Apr, 2014

The Windows 8.1 Update delivers a collection of refinements designed to give people a more familiar and convenient experience across touch, keyboard and mouse inputs....More >

mobile26-290x195 Fourteen Hot Gadgets for Your Mobile Lifestyle

09 Apr, 2014

Face it. We love gadgets, especially gadgets that make life easier, more accessible or just more enjoyable while we're working long hours....More >

Misc21-290x195 Final Patch Tuesday Quietly Ushers Out XP and 2003

08 Apr, 2014

In the final Patch Tuesday for Windows XP and Office 2003, Microsoft released four patches today, two critical and two important, that cover a total of just 11 CVEs....More >

mobile25-190x128 Seven Steps to Prepare for BYOD

08 Apr, 2014

By all measures, BYOD is here to stay and the focus has shifted from trying to restrict BYOD to learning how to leverage BYOD as a business enabler while managing its risks....More >

Social5-290x195 Four Ways to Unlock Value from the Internet of Things

07 Apr, 2014

IoT examples can be categorized into four basic usage scenarios, each of which presents clear business opportunities for end-user organizations....More >

Telecommuting2-290x195 Five Ways to Ensure Remote Workers Are Sharing and Accessing Files Securely

04 Apr, 2014

The increase in organizations encouraging or offering telecommuting programs demonstrates a strong, immediate need for secure remote access and file-sharing strategies for the enterprise....More >

ITCareers13-290x195 How to Target Top Employers in Your Job Search

03 Apr, 2014

To help you streamline this process and ensure you land a job with the right company, develop a target company list based upon your job goals....More >

cloud17-290x195 Cloud Security: Technologies You Need to Safely Use the Cloud

03 Apr, 2014

A categorical review of cloud security needs associated with the use of public IaaS, SaaS and governance of cloud services....More >

IT_Man15-190x128 IT Strives to Reinvent Itself Despite Budget Restrictions

02 Apr, 2014

IT to focus on three areas in 2014 -- redefining the IT value proposition, enhancing the enterprise information architecture, and realigning talent....More >

Analytics7-290x195 Six Big Business Intelligence Mistakes

02 Apr, 2014

If you are planning a BI investment in the near future, here are six common mistakes that you need to avoid to ensure your investment is an effective one....More >

IT_Man14-290x195 Seven Myths of CEO Succession

01 Apr, 2014

Governance experts have found a number of broad misunderstandings about CEO transitions and how ready the board is for this major change....More >

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