IT_Man55-290x195 Cost, Price, Quote (CPQ) -- How to Get It Right

28 Aug, 2015

CPQ is a sales tool designed to help companies produce accurate and highly configured quotes. It centralizes all complex product, pricing and business rules, making them automatic and available in real time....More >

NasuniDataDeluge290 Amazing Growth in Data Requires Innovative New Solutions

28 Aug, 2015

We're in a data deluge that's easy to drown in. Dealing with this much data requires innovative data storage solutions, including the cloud....More >

UtimacoEVMTokenization0x What's Next After the EMV Migration? Tokenization

27 Aug, 2015

Security controls need to be put in place to protect cardholders' confidential information all the way through the transaction process....More >

AI2-190x128 Must-See Robotics at RoboBusiness 2015

27 Aug, 2015

Robotic hardware combined with cognitive intelligence and cloud computing capabilities signifies a host of new opportunities across many industries....More >

CompuwareMainframe0x How to Tap the Power of the Mainframe

26 Aug, 2015

For certain applications, the mainframe is simply irreplaceable, and in fact, we may be at the beginning of a mainframe upswing....More >

ZixCorpDataLeaks0x Top Data Leak Vulnerabilities and How to Secure Them

26 Aug, 2015

All companies have sensitive data that is vulnerable to theft, and hackers will continue to explore new ways to profit off of valuable data....More >

IT_Man54-290x195 5 Big Mistakes New Employees Should Avoid

25 Aug, 2015

Starting a new job is a chance to start fresh with a brand-new group of colleagues. It's an opportunity to build on the skills you learned at your last job and develop additional areas of expertise....More >

Misc58-190x128 5 Ways to Avoid Video Challenges with Specialty Storage

25 Aug, 2015

Move video data to specialty storage that is architected to meet its unique demands, and you'll soon achieve five noticeable benefits....More >

mobile70-190x128 How to Build Business Value with a Digital Supply Chain

24 Aug, 2015

Embracing a digital supply chain not only drives greater agility, efficiency and innovation, it also creates business advantage for companies....More >

IT_Man22-190x128.jpg Bridging the Workplace Gender Communication Gap

21 Aug, 2015

Women and men who work closely together often get tied up in communication knots, especially over issues that involve power, advocacy and managing the troops....More >

SysAidIoTSecurity0x Beware the Hidden Dangers of the Internet of Things

20 Aug, 2015

It finally feels as though we're about to hit the point of no return with IoT. IT departments must now consider and address the security implications....More >

DataM39-190x128 7 Predictions on How NFV and SDN Will Mature

20 Aug, 2015

Are NFV and SDN technologies still in their infancy, or will they become the de facto network architecture by the end of 2015, as some claim?...More >

IT_Man53-190x128 How to Get DevOps Up and Running in Your Company

18 Aug, 2015

DevOps allows organizations to integrate their IT and dev environments into a continuous delivery system that provides faster, more agile outcomes....More >

Global18-190x128 17 Fastest-Growing States for Tech Jobs

18 Aug, 2015

While it's home to Silicon Valley's legion of startups and well-establish tech giants, California wasn't the fastest-growing state for tech jobs....More >

infra54-290x195 5 Components of an Enterprise Print Security Strategy

17 Aug, 2015

A whopping 70 percent of businesses admit to experiencing one or more print-related data breaches and violations of data protection legislation, which could lead to fines of up to $850,000....More >

SAPImprovingGRC0x 5 Ways to Improve GRC and Minimize Risks

14 Aug, 2015

New technologies, regulations and potential liabilities seem to arise daily and IT and finance executives must mitigate all the risks involved....More >

Security72-190x128 Uncovering the Truth About Six Big Data Security Analytics Myths

13 Aug, 2015

When BDSA is used correctly, it is extremely beneficial to an organization. However, there are many false claims around the capabilities of BDSA....More >

DataM38-290x195 Beware the Data Collectors for They Are Us: Privacy and Big Data

12 Aug, 2015

In our enthusiasm for all things "Big Data," are we abetting the data collectors in something that might be bad for society's (and our own) best interest?...More >

Windows10-190x128 10 Features that Will Make You Love Windows 10

12 Aug, 2015

IT Business Edge's Paul Mah looks at the final version, and highlights a number of features that should make you love Windows 10....More >

WatchfulSoftwareDLPChallenges0x Data Loss Prevention: 5 Reasons You Need to Step Up Your Game

11 Aug, 2015

Sensitive content can be tricky for DLP solutions to identify after it's been saved or sent, as it may contain encryption, common words, vague patterns, or inexact input or context....More >

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