Autonomous Vehicles and Hacking

News this week included autonomous vehicle vulnerabilities, a Google Fiber delay, low demand for high-speed Internet in Tennessee, updating penetration testing strategies, and combining augmented and virtual realities. More >

iPhones Are Safer than Android, but Still Have Malware Problems

Contrary to popular opinion, there are new reports about overall security issues with iPhones and iOSs. More >

IPv6 Is Safe, If Approached with Care

Whether IPv6 is dangerous or not depends more on the people running it than the addressing scheme itself. More >

Cyber Crime Report Finds Old Breaches Led to New Breaches

Motivations behind the attacks ranged by industry and, predictably, not a single sector was left untouched by the unscrupulous actors. More >

More than Half of Companies Are Failing at PAM Security

In the wrong hands, privileged accounts represent the biggest threat to enterprises. More >

Thoughts on 2016 BlackBerry Security Summit

Security and IoT issues take the stage at the 2016 BlackBerry Security Summit. More >

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Cybercrime: Who Do You Call When There’s a Cybercrime?

We have built a regulatory framework that is ineffective at recognizing, let alone combatting, cybercrime.

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U.S. Offshoot of Germany’s SAP Focuses on Cybersecurity, ‘Information Fusion’

CEO talks about the work SAP NS2 is doing, especially in regard to serving U.S. military veterans.

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Cybercrime: Who Is in Charge of Law Enforcement?

Guidance Software CEO discusses the relationship of private versus public sectors, particularly when it comes to the jurisdiction of security events.

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Most Popular Features

Top 25: Which Cities Pay Software Engineers the Best?

To get an accurate read on the value of software engineer salaries across the country, Glassdoor has identified the top 25 cities by calculating the 'real adjusted salary' for each city.

Pokemon GO: Security Nightmare for BYOD

Users are spending more time per day playing Pokemon GO than they are using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Why Session-Based Routers Will Fix the Internet

The router of tomorrow needs to operate differently and more intelligently to handle network demands such as IoT and increased video traffic driven by collaboration, monitoring and virtual reality.

Editor's Choice

10 Trends Making Enterprise App Stores Work

Security Staffing

Enterprise app stores allow organizations to have tighter control over their own app marketplaces. Check out current trends influencing the enterprise app store sector.

 More >

TIBCO Expands Scope of API Management Platform

More than Half of Companies Are Failing at PAM Security

Tread Carefully into the Mission-Critical Cloud

IPv6 Is Safe, If Approached with Care


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