The Four Components of a Fast-Paced Organization: Going Beyond Lean Sigma Tools

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This excerpt from chapter one focuses on the first component necessary for a fast-paced organization: leadership and mentoring.

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If you examine the characteristics of successful organizations, you will find that speed is a common denominator. Once there is a focus on speed, industry-leading improvements follow, momentum is created, and employees become further engaged to continue executing the strategy.

"The Four Components of a Fast-Paced Organization: Going Beyond Lean Sigma Tools" examines the components that must be in place for manufacturing and service organizations to achieve world-class business results at a rapid pace: leadership and mentoring, process design and visual value streams, organization structure for sustainment, and fast knowledge sharing.

This excerpt from chapter one focuses on the first component: leadership and mentoring. Leaders have a responsibility to develop a strategy that will be successful; they are responsible for the organization’s culture; they need to understand their role in developing people so that everyone can contribute to the success; and they must also understand they have a social responsibility.

Excerpted with permission from the publisher, Productivity Press, from "The Four Components of a Fast-Paced Organization: Going Beyond Lean Sigma Tools" by Robert Baird. Copyright © 2013.

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