Telegami Adds Personal Touch to Electronic Communication

Mike Vizard

One of the more aggravating aspects of the digital age is that electronic messages are frequently in the eye of the beholder. Regardless of the mood of the person sending the message, it’s more often the mood of the recipient that dictates how the message is actually received.

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That could all soon change with the delivery of a “Gami,” a new form of electronic communication that allows people to record messages using an avatar that better conveys the tone of the message.

According to Telegami CEO Sophia Kim, while a “Gami” can be used for commercial purposes, individual end users are finding a “Gami” to be a convenient way to record messages using a smartphone or tablet that can then be easily emailed to anyone.


Rather than wrestling with tiny keypads on a mobile computing device, Telegami allows anyone to convey an idea or a request with a much greater degree of personal touch.

Of course, there are those who do much better hiding behind the comparative anonymity of an email message. But as communication on the Internet continues to evolve, it’s more than likely that the forms it will take will become as diverse as the multimedia landscape allows.

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