RackWare Automates Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

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Disaster recovery (DR) in the age of the cloud still isn’t as simple as it should be. But thanks to RackWare for providing the ability to encapsulate an entire IT environment from the operating system up through the application environment, DR is about to get easier.

RackWare today launched RackWare Management Module (RMM) 3.0, an update to its cloud management software, which now includes DR capabilities.

Rather than forcing customers to align with a cloud service provider that supports their particular virtual machine environment, RackWare CEO Sash Sunkara says RMM now allows IT organizations to replicate operating system, applications and data from production servers into instances of that software running in the cloud. Once that relationship is established, Sunkara says IT organizations can incrementally synchronize data without having to replicate the entire environment.

Originally designed to help IT organizations automate the movement of workloads into the cloud, Sunkara says RMM can now be used to provide DR capabilities between on-premise environments and the cloud or between multiple cloud computing environments.

In an ideal world, DR capabilities would be a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things are quite yet. But as cloud management software continues to become more sophisticated, it’s clear that enterprise IT is finally heading in that direction.

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