Nasuni Unifies Cloud Storage Services

Mike Vizard

Nasuni already provides a way for IT organizations to manage multiple cloud storage providers via a single gateway appliance. The company is taking the next logical step today with the release of a new management framework that makes it simpler to manage multiple Nasuni storage gateways across multiple data centers.

According to Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez, the Nasuni Management Console allows IT organizations to take a more federated approach to cloud storage management that maximizes investments in storage administrators. Rather than having to have an administrator in each data center, organizations can opt to centrally manage cloud storage while continuing to actually distribute more data across multiple cloud storage providers than ever.

Rodriguez says there is no reason why IT organizations shouldn’t be able to treat cloud storage providers pretty much the same way they currently treat providers of storage systems within their data center. The Nasuni Management Console is designed to make it easier to play one cloud storage provider off the other in order to get the best possible pricing, says Rodriguez.

Deployed as a virtual appliance, the Nasuni Management Console provides a single pane of glass through which organizations can provision storage, create and manage volumes, apply policies and replication schedules, grant privileges and monitor usage and security. In addition, Rodriguez says the Nasuni Management Console is highly customizable, allowing storage administrators to configure the console almost any way they want.

As IT organizations get more comfortable with cloud computing, many of them are evolving into brokers of IT services. When it comes to cloud storage, however, it’s impossible to assume that role unless the IT organization has ongoing control of the IT storage services being provided.

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Jun 25, 2013 9:16 AM Andres Rodriguez Andres Rodriguez  says:
Thanks for the story Mike! One minor clarification I wanted to make: The Nasuni Management Console does not enable our customers to play different clouds off of one another. Just as EMC controls the commodity drives it puts in its storage arrays, we control the back end commodity cloud storage we use in our service. Rather, the NMC enables our customers to control all their global data, no matter where it's located, from a single view, without managing any hardware at all. A customer could set up a storage volume in London, make it available to Paris, New York and Los Angeles, and edit access for individual users, all from one screen. Reply
Sep 30, 2013 12:58 AM Matthew Matthew  says:
CloudFuze is the ultimate app to manage multiple cloud storage services over multiple devices.With CloudFuze you can sync multiple accounts of Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and FTP at one point and access Over IOS mobile devices. Reply

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