MongoDB Simplifies Management of NoSQL Database

Mike Vizard
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Many developers have voted with their feet by using the MongoDB document database to build next-generation applications. The problem that creates for the internal IT department, however, is that the tools available for managing MongoDB have been fairly rudimentary.

MongoDB is moving to address that specific issue with the release today of version 2.6 of MongoDB, which adds a range of automation capabilities to the MongoDB Management Service (MMS) within MongoDB.

Kelly Stirman, director of product marketing for MongoDB, says that as organizations continue to build more enterprise-class applications on top of MongoDB, they need to find ways to manage instances of MongoDB at scale. New MMS capabilities include support for continuous, incremental backup; point-in-time recovery; monitoring, visualization and alerts across over a hundred parameters. Additional features that MongoDB is alpha testing include single-click provisioning and hot upgrades.

Other new features being rolled out with this new release include improved usage of network resources. For example, oplog processing is 75 percent faster and classes of scan, sort, $in and $all performance are significantly improved. Bulk operators for writes have also improved updates by as much as a factor of five.


MongoDB has also improved how queries are indexed to improve the performance of analytics applications, while at the same time embedding text search into the MongoDB Query Language and the Aggregation Framework.

In addition, MongoDB has improved database security by adding support for field-level redaction customizable auditing, LDAP and x509 authentication, collection-level authorization and user-defined roles.

As one of the leading variants of NoSQL databases to gain traction in the last few years, MongoDB has definitely found a home in the enterprise. Now the challenge is finding a way to make it fit more comfortably in those enterprise surroundings.

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