Metaforic Puts Security into the Hands of the Mobile App Developer

Michael Vizard

Given all the interest in mobile computing these days, it should come as no surprise that the security of these devices has become a major cause of concern. The simple fact is that all the devices finding their way into the enterprise are created equal when it comes to security. Nevertheless, it seems like IT has less control over deciding what devices attach to the network with each passing day.

To help IT organizations take back control of security, Metaforic has come up with a set of technologies that are designed to secure applications regardless of what device they are running on. According to Metaforic CEO Dan Stickel, the company’s technology essentially injects “antibodies” directly into the application. As a result, the security of the enterprise is no longer held hostage by the mobile computing device, many of which are consumer-class devices that have virtually no security capabilities.

Stickel says the Metaforic “immune system” consists of a series of modules that are designed to make it extremely difficult to tamper with an application by regularly authenticating all the code running on the mobile computing device. While Stickel concedes there is no such thing as 100-percent security, the basic idea is to make tampering with application code extremely difficult, thus dissuading attackers from taking the time and energy required to hack the mobile computing application.

Metaforic supports a broad range of devices, the latest of which is the new Blackberry 10 that was unveiled this week. Despite all the interest in Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, Stickel says existing Metaforic customers are keen to make sure the company continues to support the Blackberry platforms.

What Stickel is really getting at is that when it comes to security, developers of mobile computing applications need to take matters into their own hands. No one knows for certain what class of device will be used to run any application in a world where the BYOD phenomenon is pushing the limits of enterprise security. In effect, that means the first and last line of defense when it comes to mobile computing security has to be the application itself.

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Jan 24, 2013 3:43 AM Spencer Harry Spencer Harry  says:
Hey, Good news, Especially thanks to Metaforic for giving this security. I think this is the great news for mobile developer. Reply

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