Cloudmeter Applies Big Data Analytics to the Network

Michael Vizard
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Five Ways to Know if Your Challenge Is Big Data or Lots of Data

There’s a lot of useful machine data flowing across the average network; the challenge has been finding a way to effectively capture it and then analyze it in a way that makes it useful.

Looking to take on the challenge is Cloudmeter, a startup company that this week launched a set of tools for capturing that data using a set of what the company refers to as ultra-lightweight agents, and then promised to deliver an application to analyze all that data later this year.

According to Cloudmeter CEO Mike Dickey, Cloudmeter Stream agents can be deployed on networks and servers to capture machine data in real time in a way that can be associated with a specific user experience or application.

Cloudmeter Insight is a Big Data analytics application that harvests all the data in a way that provides network managers with actionable intelligence, says Dickey.


Dickey says Cloudmeter technologies have a lightweight footprint not only in terms of the agents deployed, but also because the company’s software can be deployed as a virtual appliance.

In addition, Dickey says Cloudmeter plans to support integration with other relevant technologies, such as the Splunk indexing engine and GoodData business intelligence application that is delivered as a service via the cloud.

With the rise of Big Data, organizations are about to have more access to information that shows what’s actually happening on their networks and servers. More than likely, that means a lot of IT organizations are probably going to be in for a few surprises.

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