Caringo Adds File Protocol Converter to Object Storage System

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Once an IT organization makes a commitment to embrace object-based storage, it usually winds up having to deploy a bevy of connectors and gateways to make that storage accessible to legacy applications. Today, Caringo announced that it has developed a file protocol converter that makes all that effort unnecessary.

Glen Olsen, a Caringo product manager, says Caringo SwarmNFS makes it possible for applications that were developed around a traditional file system to directly access object-based storage.

As the amount of data that IT organizations need to wrestle with continues to expand, interest in object-based storage has commensurately increased. The challenge is that the bulk of existing applications can’t natively access object-based storage. By making those object-based storage systems accessible via Caringo SwarmNFS, Olsen says it becomes a lot simpler for IT organizations to embrace a new architecture for managing storage.

“There’s no need to buy a dedicated gateway,” says Olsen.

Caringo Adds File Protocol Converter to Object Storage System

In effect, Olsen says Caringo now provides a global namespace capability across NFSv4, S3, HDFS and SCSP/HTTP based on a parallel architecture using a lightweight file protocol converter.

It may take a while before object-based systems eclipse traditional file-based storage systems in the enterprise. But as the number of connectors and gateways needed to make that storage accessible to legacy applications declines, the faster that transition will occur.



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