Blue Jeans Network Brings Google Hangouts to Work

Mike Vizard
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Given the simple fact that videoconferencing services that are aimed at consumers are generally simple to use, services such as Google Hangouts have become increasingly popular.

Now Blue Jeans Network wants to make it easier to bring Google Hangouts into the realm of everyday business. Blue Jeans Network has announced that it has added support for Google Hangouts to the videoconference interoperability service it provides.

Imran Moin, senior director of business development for Blue Jeans Network, says the fundamental precept behind the development of the Blue Jeans Network service is the fact that there are so many diverse videoconferencing systems in use. The Blue Jeans Network makes it possible for a user of a videoconferencing service running on the Web to interact with a user of a Cisco videoconferencing system running on premise.

Due to a variety of issues that span the complexity associated with creating an actual videoconference to the quality of the experience enabled by the amount of network bandwidth available, videoconferencing within a business environment has yet to reach its full potential. The truth is that most end users would rather fire up a Skype or Google Hangouts session than use an internal system. Also, many organizations still don’t even have access to an internal system.

Despite all the frustration with videoconferencing, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the dominant medium for business communications. What makes Blue Jeans Network interesting is that it doesn’t force everybody to have the same videoconferencing systems to communicate with others, which is especially convenient considering there is no dominant video conferencing platform. Instead, everybody can pick the one they like best without any regard to which videoconferencing system or service the other party prefers to use.

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