Axway Extends Reach into Business Activity Monitoring

Mike Vizard
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While the concept of business activity monitoring (BAM) has been around for years, very few organizations have really been able to apply BAM at a granular enough level to make investing in it worthwhile.

With its recent acquisition of Systar, Axway is now gearing up to accomplish just that. Paul French, vice president of strategy and markets for Axway, says that as a provider of business process management (BPM) and application programming interface (API) management platforms, Axway has produced integration tools that span almost every aspect of the enterprise.

The addition of the BAM tools developed by Systar to the Axway portfolio means that the company can now extend its integration reach into the realm of business performance. The goal, says French, is to not only identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for the business, but also to link those KPIs to the specific service level agreements (SLA) associated with an application service.

In the age of the cloud, it’s become more challenging to figure out which applications are impacting a particular service. While most businesses want to evolve into becoming more of a digital entity, without some ability to associate the performance of the business to a specific IT service, becoming a digital business is virtually unattainable. French says that BAM is a big part of Axway’s plan to help organizations identify the patterns that affect the delivery of those digital services.

Businesses have never been more dependent on IT than they are today. It’s also true that most businesses lack insight into how their IT environments actually affect their business. The reason for this has as much to do with the traditional divide between IT and the business as it does with the fact that most organizations don’t have the right tools to make the connection between IT and the business services that depend on it.

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