AWS Exposes Range of Advanced Cloud Services

Mike Vizard
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has built a reputation for providing inexpensive compute resources in the cloud. At the re:Invent 2014 conference this week, AWS unfurled a raft of advanced services that collectively make it simpler to build and deploy applications on AWS than just about anywhere else at price/performance levels that are difficult for anyone to match.

Among the new AWS services are:

Speaking at re:Invent, AWS CTO Werner Vogels says the ultimate goal is to create a public cloud environment that makes it easier for organizations to spin up a wide variety of applications faster than ever. To that end, AWS is clearly moving beyond being a low-cost provider of public cloud services. Investments in advanced cloud services mean that AWS is becoming a provider of an enterprise IT cloud experience that most internal IT organizations won’t be able to match.

Of course, the degree to which other cloud service providers can provide similar capabilities remains to be seen. But for right now at least, it looks like most of them will be playing catch up with AWS for quite some time.

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Nov 17, 2014 4:49 AM Marena Marena  says:
It's true, Amazon is heading to become a very powerful cloud platform offering a wide variety of applications, but we shouldn't forget that if companies build their business processes around these large, private cloud platforms, it will become very hard for them to move out again once the service is not wanted anymore due to Amazon's interfaces, processes and proprietary data. There is a new promising open source cloud platform, called "Open Cloud Alliance" , which has been announced by IBM and Univention last week. It is a new standardized platform joined by public cloud service providers, open source software vendors and system integrators, which offers integration with existing IT infrastructures such as Microsoft Active Directory and a wide portfolio of well-known open source enterprise applications. More information at: Reply

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