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Looking for the Next Google or Salesforce.com

31 Dec, 2009

In the process of doing research to watch for the next Google or salesforce.com from an IT investment-research point of view, I take a look at Inc. magazine's annual listing of fastest growing U.S. ...More >

Mea Culpa: 2009 Enterprise Software Clarifications and Corrections

30 Dec, 2009

As the year 2009 (and the decade if you are not a purist) wraps up, it's worth one post to clarify some comments I made during the year that caused confusion among or possibly misled readers:   ...More >

Buying Microsoft Software This Week? Come on Down to the Auto Mile!

29 Dec, 2009

When you're buying a new car, you always walk into the dealership knowing how the dealer is being spiffed by Detroit (or Toyota City or ). So it's just as important to know what kind of deals major ...More >

In Enterprise Software, Google Needs to Define "Win," Not "Open"

28 Dec, 2009

Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Google, believes "open systems win," according to this blog post "The Meaning of Open."   Of course, Rosenberg can believe ...More >

Aris for Independent and Occassional BPM

23 Dec, 2009

With IDS Scheer about to be folded into Software AG as soon as all the I's are dotted and T's crossed in the acquisition documentation, it seemed like a good time to catch up with the business ...More >

TIBCO iProcess Spotfire Moves You Another Step Closer to Intelligent BPM

19 Dec, 2009

In mid-December I caught up with Rourke McNamara, TIBCO product marketing director, to discuss iProcess Spotfire functionality recently announced by the middleware company. TIBCO, as I mentioned in a ...More >

BPM 'A la Carte' or in the Stack Just Became a Tougher Choice

16 Dec, 2009

The Dec. 16 announcement that IBM has acquired business process management (BPM) software supplier Lombardi Software puts a nice cap on 2009 because it revives a discussion stream I had back and ...More >

Cloud Computing Can Be the Start of IT Scams

14 Dec, 2009

Sorry, but it has just gotten to the point where it had to be said out loud.   Take any claim about cloud computing from anybody that is trying to sell you something in 2010 and discount it 99 ...More >

The ERP 2010 Panorama: These Consultants Get It Right

09 Dec, 2009

In the past I criticized Panorama Consulting on its view of the ERP market (see "Panorama Asks All the Right Questions in ERP Research Except One"), primarily on methodology grounds. So its ...More >

Business Process Management of the Supply Chain Hits Brick Wall

08 Dec, 2009

In business process management (BPM) of the supply chain, the aircraft carrier still turns slowly. A report released Tuesday sponsored by AT&T's Sterling Commerce group and conducted by the CMO ...More >

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