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Where Is Cybersecurity Headed in 2019?

23 Mar, 2017

Even if we think we know what’s coming, we still aren’t really prepared for it. Our security systems are often built to focus on known attack methods, not for future cybersecurity threats. ...More >

Secret Service Laptop Theft Should Serve as Security Wake-Up Call

20 Mar, 2017

The Secret Service theft is a reminder of how common the disappearance of our devices can be and the risks that are involved. ...More >

Twitter Hack Shows Dangers of Third-Party Access

16 Mar, 2017

Twitter has serious flaws that have led to hacked accounts that were then taken over by bad actors. ...More >

Cybersecurity Pros Don’t Trust Federal Government on Security. Will They Trust States?

13 Mar, 2017

Only 17 percent of security pros believe the government is able to protect itself from cyberattacks. Security professionals are also concerned about the rise in nation-state attacks. ...More >

CIA Breach Shows Lack of Security in IoT

09 Mar, 2017

We must discuss the ramification to businesses and their employees and customers: the IoT security risks. ...More >

Breach Fallout Can Linger Years After the Initial Incident

06 Mar, 2017

News about long-running consequences of Yahoo and Gmail breaches should worry IT security professionals. ...More >

Mismatch in Incentives Gives Cybercriminals an Edge

02 Mar, 2017

One of the reasons cybercriminals have the advantage is because the incentives between the attackers and the defenders are mismatched. ...More >

Cloudbleed Catches Security World Unaware

27 Feb, 2017

We don’t know how long this has been going on, how companies are reacting, or exactly what may be out there. We’ll be hearing about Cloudbleed a lot as we move through 2017. ...More >

Medical Data Theft Rising Because of Its Value

23 Feb, 2017

The risk is rising, but the medical industry is better recognizing the risk to patient data and is stepping up its cybersecurity efforts. ...More >

The Next Evolution of Ransomware Attacks

22 Feb, 2017

We will see shifts in ransomware, including how attackers will target victims, who they’ll target, and the role IoT will play in ransomware, both as an attack vector and attack target. ...More >

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