Data Security

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

New Studies Renew Concerns of Insider Risks

25 May, 2017

It’s easy to get caught up with all of the other types of threats, but cybersecurity has to start at home, and that begins with better monitoring of the folks who have direct access to your network and data. ...More >

Security Professionals React to Cybersecurity Executive Order

22 May, 2017

Our cybersecurity problems didn’t evolve overnight, nor will they be fixed with one EO. Time will tell how effective this is and how the administration builds on what it has begun. ...More >

Lessons of WannaCry: Back Up Your Data and Update Your Software

18 May, 2017

Now that the initial shock and awe reaction to WannaCry has subsided a bit, we can look at the ransomware a little more rationally and see what we can learn from it. ...More >

Thanks to WannaCry Ransomware, A Dark Day for Cybersecurity

15 May, 2017

WannaCry used an exploit named EternalBlue, which Microsoft patched back in March. Many organizations had not bothered to install the patch. ...More >

Study Finds Serious Security Concerns with Robots

12 May, 2017

Human behavior has a role to play in robot security. But robotic security is a very complicated issue. ...More >

Google Docs Phishing Scam Takes Advantage of Human Behavior

08 May, 2017

In the Google Docs phish, the hackers not only turned to behavior to gain an edge, they also used the legitimate functionality within Google's infrastructure to provide a proper user login. ...More >

World Password Day Reminds Us to Examine Our Weakest Security Link

04 May, 2017

Good password management isn’t rocket science, but the truth is, we all get lazy about them. Sometimes we need a reminder. ...More >

Phishing Continues to Stand Out as a Primary Attack Vector in Verizon 2017 DBIR

01 May, 2017

Doesn’t it so often seem that cyberattacks come back to phishing and social engineering? ...More >

Chipotle PoS Part of Rising Data Breach Problem for Retail Industry

27 Apr, 2017

Even with credit card payments being all but mandatory in retail, PCI compliances, and the focus on EMV chip adoption, companies are still failing to keep credit card data secure. ...More >

Organizations Aren’t Limiting Access to Sensitive Data

26 Apr, 2017

If you want to keep your data from being compromised, you have to protect your data. That includes knowing where sensitive data is stored and knowing who has access to it. ...More >

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