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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Gmail Phishing Attack Highlights Need for Multi-Factor Authentication

17 Jan, 2017

We should expect more phishing attacks like this, or at least increasingly sophisticated and more difficult to detect. ...More >

Digital Transformation Has Companies Re-thinking Security Strategies

16 Jan, 2017

In the age of digital transformation, improving the “security playbook” is necessary in order to avoid the C-suite level executive’s two worst nightmares: corporate financial data theft and customer information theft. ...More >

St. Jude Cardiac Device Software Flaws Highlight Risks of IoT

13 Jan, 2017

Medical devices present unique situations because attacking them is literally a matter of life and death. But they are still IoT devices, and that opens them to other types of cybersecurity attacks. ...More >

Adaptive Authentication May Be More Accepted by End Users than 2FA

12 Jan, 2017

IT decision makers told SecureAuth that three-quarters of their end users complain about having to use 2FA, with 10 percent saying they "hate" it. Adaptive authentication may be better received. ...More >

Experts Predict Changes in Cybersecurity Insurance Offerings

05 Jan, 2017

Cyber insurance is on the rise, as more companies adopt plans and more underwriters expand their portfolio and grow their premiums. ...More >

Hack of Vermont Electric Utility Laptop Shows Gaps in Security Reporting

03 Jan, 2017

The initial news of the laptop hack came, ironically, on the same day that President Obama announced the consequences for the alleged Russian attacks on the U.S. electoral process. ...More >

The Need to Combat Security Fatigue

29 Dec, 2016

Tom Pendergast, Ph.D., chief strategist of Security, Privacy and Compliance at MediaPro, has predicted that security educators will need to develop more creative ways to combat “Security Fatigue.” ...More >

Expect an Evolution in Ransomware in 2017

26 Dec, 2016

In 2017, ransomware will take the crown, because it is still an extremely effective method for gaining and maintaining access into corporate networks. ...More >

Experts: Internet of Things Security Will Affect 2017 in Many Ways

22 Dec, 2016

Security professionals explain why IoT security is going to affect all of us in 2017, both professionally and personally. Will industry and manufacturers step up to the security challenge? ...More >

In 2017, Expect AI to Be Both Security Tool and Weapon

21 Dec, 2016

We should expect any connected tools to be at risk for threats, but in the long run, AI will do more as a cybersecurity tool than as a cybersecurity threat. ...More >

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