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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

When It Comes to Cloud Security, It’s All About the People

08 Feb, 2016

One report said that by this year, nearly all of cloud security incidents will be the fault of the customer, not the service provider. ...More >

DDoS Attacks Surging

04 Feb, 2016

The biggest concern of DDoS attacks isn’t the frequency with which they are happening but how powerful they’ve become. ...More >

Why It Seems Like Cybersecurity Is a Losing Battle

01 Feb, 2016

If it seems like businesses are fighting a losing battle against malware and other security threats, it could be because they are. ...More >

Data Privacy Day a Good Chance to Review How You Protect Information

28 Jan, 2016

Take a few moments to review your policies meant to protect data privacy and make sure your employees are practicing them. It may be the best thing you do for your company’s security all year. ...More >

Banking and Health Care Struggle with App Security

27 Jan, 2016

App hardening is failing in two industries where security has to be a top priority – finance/banking and health. ...More >

Cisco Report Shows Why Good Security Is Tough

25 Jan, 2016

On one hand, we’ve come a long way in our knowledge and acceptance of cybersecurity needs. Yet, in these early days of 2016, we see a lot of conflicting reports. ...More >

IT Professionals Becoming More Comfortable with Security in the Cloud

21 Jan, 2016

Nearly 65 percent of IT professionals now say they trust the security of cloud computing as much as or more than their on-premise systems. ...More >

Lack of Skilled Security Pros Leads to Less Mature Security Operations

20 Jan, 2016

According to a new report, companies are failing when it comes to security monitoring and goals. ...More >

Spear Phishing Top Security Concern for IT Decision Makers

18 Jan, 2016

Spearphishing is a problem that’s not going away, and, in fact, tops the list of security concerns among enterprises according to a new study from Cloudmark. ...More >

Why You Should Separate Your IoT Security Policy from BYOD Policies

14 Jan, 2016

Have you considered an IoT security policy, separate from your BYOD policy? It may be time to evaluate your need for one. ...More >

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