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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Router Vulnerability Highlights IoT Security Risks

21 May, 2015

SEC Consult has identified a vulnerability in NetUSB, which could allow hackers to exploit routers and other IoT devices on the network. ...More >

SMBs Ignore the Risks of BYOD

20 May, 2015

Perhaps part of the problem is that no one seems sure about who is in charge of security. ...More >

Millennials Have Different Attitude About Security than Older Co-Workers

18 May, 2015

Perhaps the biggest difference between boomers and millennials is how well one generation understands technology and security compared to the other, as well as the general attitudes. ...More >

The VENOM Vulnerability: Is Its Name Scarier Than Its Bite?

14 May, 2015

VENOM is a zero-day vulnerability that breaks down the isolation across virtual machines hosted on QEMU-based hypervisors, but do experts think it's truly dangerous? ...More >

IT Professionals Aren’t Sure Who Controls Data in the Cloud

11 May, 2015

A survey conducted by Perspecsys shows just how far we have to go, especially when it comes to understanding where and how data is protected in the cloud. ...More >

Multiple Studies Show Just How Much Companies Struggle with Security Procedures

07 May, 2015

As business has become increasingly digital, information security has become a key area of operational risk, but many companies still don't take it too seriously. ...More >

Why We Still Struggle with Email Phishing Scams

04 May, 2015

With email, no one is perfect and mistakes are going to happen and scam emails will be opened. But a defense plan needs to be in place for those accidents. ...More >

Poor Consumer Password Hygiene Affects the Workplace

30 Apr, 2015

Employees have bad password habits at home and that can still affect the workplace. But how can we ensure better password management? ...More >

A Conversation About Symantec’s 2015 Internet Security Threat Report

29 Apr, 2015

A Symantec exec breaks down the three main categories of cybersecurity threats. ...More >

Majority of RSA Attendees Approve of Security Information Sharing

27 Apr, 2015

Two companies surveyed participants at the RSA Convention and found that most participants feel that sharing information on threat intelligence will improve security measures.  ...More >

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