Data Security

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Can Your Company Handle Security Challenges Posed by the Internet of Things?

02 Mar, 2015

It might be time to consider an IoT section to your cybersecurity policy. ...More >

CEOs Talk Better Cybersecurity, but Are Disconnected from Security Efforts In-House

26 Feb, 2015

Corporate leaders publicly agree that cybersecurity is a top priority for business, but recent studies prove that most CEOs don't understand how it works. ...More >

Impersonating IT Staff Becoming a Popular Phishing Tactic

25 Feb, 2015

An email that looks like it is coming from the IT department is a lot harder to ignore, especially if the email covers a legitimate area of concern with the business. ...More >

SMBs Unclear on Data Breach Notification Laws

23 Feb, 2015

Perhaps by putting federal standards in place, SMBs will have an easier time understanding what constitutes a breach and when it needs to be reported. ...More >

Mobile Devices Quickly Becoming the Favored Attack Point

19 Feb, 2015

If there really is such a thing as BYOD fatigue, we’d better get rest fast because there could be a long fight against malware ahead. ...More >

Spyware Embedded in Hard Drives May Have NSA Connection

18 Feb, 2015

Recent stories have surfaced concerning spyware imbedded in hard drives and it may be connected to the NSA. ...More >

Cybersecurity Sharing: The Latest Fad or a Real Security Breakthrough?

16 Feb, 2015

Government agencies and private industry should be working together as a united front to better address the evolving threats facing our networks and data. ...More >

When Email Reveals Too Much

12 Feb, 2015

Lessons learned from Jeb Bush's email fiasco. ...More >

Expect Shadow IT to Be a Long-Term Problem

09 Feb, 2015

A recent study shows that IT departments greatly underestimate how many shadow IT apps are being used within the enterprise. ...More >

Was Anthem Breach a Sophisticated Attack or Just Lax Security Controls?

05 Feb, 2015

Medical data holds little interest for the hackers; the personal information with Social Security numbers holds a lot more value financially. ...More >

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