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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Security Prediction: Further Browser Vulnerabilities

18 Dec, 2014

According to a Malwarebytes release, 72 percent of IT decision makers said that exploitable browser vulnerabilities are a serious security issue. ...More >

The Insider Risk of Temporary Employees

15 Dec, 2014

Even temporary workers, or maybe especially temporary workers, should be well vetted and have strong security practices in place to protect the network. ...More >

Target Found Negligent in Data Breach Prevention

11 Dec, 2014

The Target breach and a recent court ruling may have a direct impact on several 2015 security predictions. ...More >

Unprecedented or Not: Sony Attack Shows Companies Have Long Way to Go to Improve Security

10 Dec, 2014

While this particular strain of malware might be new here and the FBI is right to warn companies about the risks, not everyone is ready to jump on the 'unprecedented' bandwagon. ...More >

Predictions for 2015: The Future of Cloud Security

08 Dec, 2014

The cloud is changing the entire business computing structure, which will cause it to affect security concerns. ...More >

Sony Pictures Cyberattack: An Inside or Outside Job?

04 Dec, 2014

Speculation is that the Sony attack came from the inside, or at least by those familiar with the internal network, but even that isn’t so cut and dry. ...More >

Companies Struggle to Monitor for Security Threats

01 Dec, 2014

It appears that the ability to monitor for security threats is a real problem no matter how large or small the company is. ...More >

Questions Surround Discovery of Regin Malware

27 Nov, 2014

A lot of questions are swirling about Regin, such as who created it, how long has it been out there, and why did it take so long to be discovered? ...More >

Is Your Security Plan in Order for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

26 Nov, 2014

You would think that retail outlets would have been stepping up the security game. ...More >

Yet Another Blow to Password Security

24 Nov, 2014

Citadel trojan is now creating serious doubt about the security of passwords and password management systems. ...More >

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