Data Security

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Make National Data Privacy Day a Priority

28 Jan, 2015

National Data Privacy Day is meant to encourage better privacy and security practices when using our multitudes of devices. ...More >

Year of Mega Breaches Changes Attitudes on Security Spending

26 Jan, 2015

Throwing money at the problem is only one step of the cybersecurity battle. ...More >

Companies Spending More on Cybersecurity but Not Spending Wisely

22 Jan, 2015

Organizations, especially smaller businesses, are doing the wise thing by investing in security systems, but at the same time, they are throwing money away. ...More >

What the Security Experts Think of the SOTU Security Initiatives

21 Jan, 2015

Security experts are pleased that cybersecurity has finally come up for serious discussion, but there is very cautious optimism and a feeling that we still have a long way to go. ...More >

Preparing for New Cybersecurity Battles

19 Jan, 2015

The digital world is a battleground without boundaries. ...More >

Cybersecurity Initiatives to Be Highlighted in the State of the Union Address

15 Jan, 2015

Obama plans to address issues like student privacy through the proposed Student Digital Privacy Act and other protections. ...More >

Consumers Don’t Trust Mobile Payment Options Yet

12 Jan, 2015

It seems that on the consumer side at least, mobile payment adoption has a few hurdles to jump before it becomes mainstream. ...More >

Ransomware Tops List of Social Media Security Threats

08 Jan, 2015

Ransomware is only one of a number of security threats happening via social media--albeit one that has an escalating risk factor. ...More >

Make Security Evaluation a New Year’s Routine

05 Jan, 2015

Take a fresh start each new year by evaluating your security plans and budgets and educating users with new devices. ...More >

Security Prediction: Expect More Complex Social Engineering

29 Dec, 2014

Social engineering is all about exploiting the most vulnerable of vulnerabilities: human behavior. ...More >

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