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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

New Android Malware Found Every 18 Seconds

02 Jul, 2015

New research statistics show that the Android platform is receiving the bulk of attacks on mobile OSes. Is your enterprise safe from such BYOD threats? ...More >

Is Your Website Failing to Keep Customers’ Data Secure and Private?

29 Jun, 2015

OTA analyzed approximately 1,000 websites in three categories: consumer protection, privacy and security. ...More >

Two-Factor Authentication: Better Than Passwords But Still Not Foolproof

25 Jun, 2015

Already, criminals have developed a spear phishing attack that bypasses two-factor authentication methods on mobile devices to gain access to email accounts. ...More >

Government Fails Miserably at Cybersecurity

24 Jun, 2015

Every industry is failing miserably at cybersecurity, but no industry is as bad at cybersecurity as our government. ...More >

LastPass Breached Again. Is This a Trend?

22 Jun, 2015

LastPass has been breached. Again. For at least the third time now since 2011. At what point is something an anomaly and at what point is it a trend? ...More >

Cardinals and Astros Strike Out on Security Practices

18 Jun, 2015

Ten months of Astros’ internal trade talks were leaked online last year, which sparked the investigation. ...More >

Cybercriminals Are Getting Rich from Our Security Failures

15 Jun, 2015

The 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report puts some big numbers on the profitability of ransomware and exploit kits for hackers. ...More >

Cloud Apps Failing at Security of Sensitive Data

11 Jun, 2015

Two studies point to cloud apps as a particular pain point for security breaches, and health care data as a big target for theft. ...More >

Latest Federal Government Breach Shows Lack of Security, Changing Tides of Data Theft

08 Jun, 2015

The OPM breach is just the latest, and perhaps most damaging because of the vast amount of data that could be compromised, incident within the federal government. ...More >

Apple Security: The Good News and the Bad News

04 Jun, 2015

Apple is experiencing several security vulnerabilities, while its CEO discusses the need for more encryption tools and consumer privacy.   ...More >

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