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AWS Details Latest Ambitions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) significantly extended its data management and serverless computing ambitions to help IT develop more advanced applications that make use of artificial intelligence (AI). More >

Challenged Election Results and Confirmation Bias

A number of companies have failed because they relied on bad customer satisfaction data, bad competitor intelligence, bad win/loss analysis, and bad employee morale scores. More >

Birst Democratizes Access to Analytics

Birst 6 makes extensive use of metadata that an organization can define to make it possible to analyze all the data associated with specific processes. More >

Intel and How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Thanksgiving

Intel proposed using AI to make us smarter, mostly focused on avoiding mistakes before we make them by observing what we do and providing timely advice. More >

Robotic Process Automation, the Great Enabler

RPA is at an early stage, but growing quickly. It is an important topic in the overall discussion of robotics and the possibility that it will lead to the elimination of huge numbers of jobs. More >

Baidu Makes Speech APIs Available for Free

Baidu's four speech APIs will be made available for free: Long Utterance Speech Recognition, Far-Field Speech Recognition, Expressive Speech Synthesis and Wake Word. More >

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Silicon Valley Vet Says It Took an Indian Provider to Get CRM Right

What is CRMNEXT, an Indian company, getting right, that U.S. CRM software providers have gotten wrong?

More >

Radial Exec Responds to Criticisms in Forrester Report

Radial exec is on a mission to help online retailers thrive, despite having the dominance of Amazon perpetually looming over them.

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How Germany’s SAP Managed to Secure Classified U.S. Government Business

SAP NS2's president and CEO talks about the company's interesting backstory.

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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017

Here are the top 10 strategic technology trends that will impact most organizations in 2017. Strategic technology trends are defined as those with substantial disruptive potential or those reaching the tipping point over the next five years.

Intel Stakes IoT Claim

The Intel Atom processor E3900 series employs 14-nanometer silicon to push processing horsepower out to the very edge of distributed IoT environments.

2017 and Beyond: How Digital Innovation Will Impact the World

Digital innovation is by far the biggest influencer, changing the way we do just about everything, from shopping to communication to running a business.

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