Before You Buy: 5 Tips for Choosing Dev Software

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Choice #4: Project Type

Project type is consistently discussed throughout the development software landscape.

Users working on enterprise-level projects have different needs than small teams or individuals. Enterprise projects often require a high level of security, private repositories, project collaboration features, and a large number of administrative users. Some development products are built with enterprise projects in mind, and even include special subscriptions for large teams.

Additionally, open source projects can sometimes utilize proprietary software at no cost, avoiding sometimes high subscription fees. Software companies offer their products for free in order to promote collaboration in their communities and to showcase what their product can do with a real, working project that can be used for marketing.

Identifying the size, model and features of a project before starting the buying process can help streamline software purchasing decisions.

What this means for software providers: Highlighting product features that are specific to certain elements such as team size can help software companies market their products to the right audience.

What this means for software buyers: During the software purchasing process, developers can research software features and pricing pages to best determine which product will be best suited for specific projects.

With each passing day, the expected pace of development increases. With more access, more tools and more knowledge sharing, project managers expect delivery of more impressive work in less time. To meet these expectations, developers have come to rely on a variety of tools that save time, allow them to track changes, and collaborate on projects. But which ones should you choose?

G2 Crowd recently released a bundle of reports around seven categories of software development products. A variety of data trends were uncovered using real user insights. In this slideshow, Levi Olmstead and Jaclyn Rose, G2 Crowd, have identified five trends to consider when starting the process of buying development software.


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