Yahoo's been a major newsmaker for its attempts to thwart a buyout by Microsoft and by cozying up to Google instead. Despite that noise, the company has been busy researching next-generation search, launching niche sites, restructuring its ad business, and basically illustrating that it has online plans beyond just a buyout. Intense antitrust scrutiny of its deal with Google has begun as it maintains its lead over Microsoft in search and online advertising. It remains to be seen whether AOL will be part of the picture.


CRM vs ERP: What's the Difference and Which Is Best for Your Organization?

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What Are the Key ERP System Modules

Many ERP platforms start with a set of core modules. This provides a firm foundation on which to build a fully dynamic business model, and allows for a highly flexible approach to suit multiple unique business requirements. More >

Best ERP Systems 2019: Flexible, Customizable

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How Germany’s SAP Managed to Secure Classified U.S. Government Business

SAP NS2's president and CEO talks about the company's interesting backstory.

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The Best and Worst Practices for Global Enterprise Integration

Consolidation is still the primary means of simplifying the environment, says The Hackett Group.

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Monitoring Monsters: How CERN Stopped Breaking Its Big Data Analytics Tool

You may be familiar with CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which built the Large Hadron Collider and this week will make a major announcement about the "God particle." CERN’s scientists have about 200 petabytes of data collected on azion monsters. To do that, the scientists write their own code to analyze the data on ROOT.

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