Do Businesses Really Value Social Media Data?

29 Jan, 2014

Big Data solutions can handle the data, but there must be more interest in actually integrating that data with existing data sets.

A Techie at the Detroit North American International Auto Show

23 Jan, 2014

The technology used by the car makers to present their automotive showpieces at the North American International Auto Show was a fun mix.

SMBs Embrace Digital Office for 2014

03 Jan, 2014

A new survey shows that in 2014, digital offices are indeed the future for SMBs.

New Year Rings in with Social Media Attacks

02 Jan, 2014

We’ve welcomed 2014 with the news of two social media-related breaches.

Twitter’s First Female Board Member Selected

06 Dec, 2013

The lack of a female board member became famously entwined with the analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses leading up to its IPO.

IBM Study Shows SMBs Need to Focus on Digital Strategy

03 Dec, 2013

IBM's study of C-suite leaders lead to interesting information about how midmarket companies view their digital influence on their customers.

Facebook Increases Number of SMB Accounts

20 Nov, 2013

Facebook has changed its criteria for identifying small to midsize businesses on its platform and now claims 25 million SMBs have social media presence.

Businesses Should Note Facebook Consumer News

31 Oct, 2013

Though it seems Facebook is always in the news, businesses would be wise to read up on its successes and failures to learn from them.

Busy Marketers Can Schedule Business Tweets via Twitter

31 Oct, 2013

Twitter now allows business ad users to schedule tweets to post days, weeks, or months in advance.

SMBs Should Think Twice Before Hiring a Social Media Intern

14 Oct, 2013

SMBs who want to start a social media campaign may be tempted to hire an intern to take on the task, but this may be bad for business.

SMBs Should Consider Social Media Policies to Reduce Risks

26 Sep, 2013

Social media is highly used by small and midsized businesses, but many still need to consider risks involved. Having a solid policy in place may help protect your company's info.

Consumers Tell Businesses How to Improve Online Ad Tracking

23 Sep, 2013

With two in three consumers more concerned about privacy than a year ago, a new study finds transparency, education and privacy controls make big difference for behavioral ads.

Six Reasons Business Should Pay Attention to Social Marketing

18 Sep, 2013

The culmination of social marketing activities helps a company foster stronger customer relationships, augment awareness of the brand, build brand loyalty and increase sales efforts.

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