How SMBs Can Stay Aware of Evolving SEO

28 Apr, 2015

Getting your pages recognized and finding yourself at the top of the search results may not happen overnight, but following basic rules will help you at least show up in the search.

The Promise and Problems of the Dell/Salesforce/Red Cross Digital Operations Center

21 Apr, 2015

Dell and Salesforce have teamed up with the Red Cross to provide Digital Operation Centers with social media outreach in the case of disasters.

The Cost of CEO Scandals: Why We Should Prefer Firms Run by Women and Honorable Married Men

16 Apr, 2015

A study about CEO indiscretions suggests that as we look into places to entrust our career, our savings or our companies, we should look a little harder at leadership.

Five Ways Dirty Data Is Killing Marketing Performance

15 Apr, 2015

As marketing becomes increasingly data driven, it’s time for marketers to make data quality a top priority.

Does Everyone Lose When Twitter Takes Back Its Data Firehose?

14 Apr, 2015

Rejected partners are voicing their outrage, but the question is whether this will affect innovation and growth in data usage.

Six Tips for Turning Customer Feedback into a Powerful Business Tool

10 Apr, 2015

Marketing pros love to talk about Big Data, and with good reason. Unfortunately, many marketers continue to overlook their most valuable data source: their customers.

Growth Expected for Small Businesses in 2015

09 Apr, 2015

A survey by online small business loan provider, Kabbage, finds a welcome optimism in the small business market for the coming year.

Considerations for Identity Management in Public Safety Networks

02 Apr, 2015

This document analyzes approaches to identity management for public safety networks in an effort to assist individuals developing technical and policy requirements for public safety use.

Five Ways Smartwatches Will Change E-Commerce

27 Mar, 2015

Smartwatches will change e-commerce as we know it, whether it's through altering the face of consumer data, miniaturizing the act of consumer engagement, or changing the way we pay for things.

No Longer a New Concept: Mobile Marketing a Must for SMBs

24 Mar, 2015

The increased use of mobile devices by consumers means that SMBs must attempt to optimize the buying experience for users of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Personalizing Your Apple Watch: 21 Useful Apps

18 Mar, 2015

As with the iPhone, apps are where the real power and personalization lie. In this slideshow, we've featured 21 apps that will be available when the Apple Watch ships.

The Mainstreaming of IBM Watson

17 Mar, 2015

IBM's partnerships, acquisitions and new applications for Watson are moving it well beyond a parlor trick.

Twenty Innovative New Health Gadgets

23 Feb, 2015

Innovative developers recognize the fact that it's not always easy to stay on track with health and fitness goals and have begun creating gadgets and gizmos that are easy to plug into our always-on, mobile lives.

Cybersecurity Sharing: The Latest Fad or a Real Security Breakthrough?

16 Feb, 2015

Government agencies and private industry should be working together as a united front to better address the evolving threats facing our networks and data.

Top 10 Tips for Educating Employees About Cybersecurity

11 Feb, 2015

While threats are most often initiated by outsiders,  cyber criminals are too often able to gain access due to employees' ignorance and/or negligence.

Looking to Change Jobs this Year? Read this First

10 Feb, 2015

Finding a new job in 2015 is going to be a goal for many professionals. By following these tips, you'll be able to change jobs and create more opportunities for your career.

Onalytica on How Market Influencers Are Defined, Identified

06 Feb, 2015

Onalytica's Arthur Hilhorst explains what or who can be a notable market influencer, and how that influence can be tracked and measured. The possibilities are endless.

New IT Model a Good Fit for SMBs

26 Jan, 2015

As the world becomes more and more reliant on data as a big factor for growth, it’s no doubt that smaller businesses will see the need to adopt emerging technologies.

Social Media Strategy: Eight Tips for 2015

13 Jan, 2015

Here are a few tips for social media success in the new year. This is what companies need to be aware of, participate in, and watch out for in 2015.

Ransomware Tops List of Social Media Security Threats

08 Jan, 2015

Ransomware is only one of a number of security threats happening via social media--albeit one that has an escalating risk factor.

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