What BlackBerry 10 Means for the Enterprise

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The one thing all enterprise users need is the ability to perform a multitude of tasks at the same time. BlackBerry has tackled this challenge with the launch of "BlackBerry Flow & Peek" and "BlackBerry Hub," which allow enterprise users to be productive on up to eight apps at the same time. How does it work? Users can easily swipe between the apps, as well as any notifications from other apps without having to revisit the home screen or close anything. Essentially, the enterprise user can now seamlessly update their CRM and ERP systems, answer emails, take photos of receipts, enter time and expenses, update a calendar appointment and text friends all without having to close any apps. The end result is a clear convergence of the enterprise and consumer user experience and an increase in user productivity.

It was not long ago that the word “smartphone” was synonymous with BlackBerry, especially in the enterprise market. Needless to say, the world changed with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and, in fact, neither the enterprise nor consumer smartphone markets have stopped evolving since.

In that time, companies such as Apple and Google have turned the enterprise world on its head by showing users innovative features and functionalities that they didn't even know they wanted. Ultimately, enterprise users began to demand that their organizations either provided or enabled iPhones and Androids with enterprise applications in order to perform their jobs. The result? Organizations have since given into the demand and are now increasingly looking for methods to secure and manage the plethora of devices that need to be supported. Thus the era of BYOD.

While many have questioned BlackBerry’s ability to compete in this new market, many now see the launch of BlackBerry 10 (BB 10) as a second chance for the company to capture back its enterprise users as well as keep its current users from defecting. After all, the core of BlackBerry's 80 million users has always been in the enterprise market. With the release of BB 10, the company is making its biggest and most significant push to date in providing a mobile experience that caters to both the enterprise and the consumer markets. Whether this launch will serve to be a game changer remains to be seen; however, there are plenty of reasons to believe that BB 10 will have a positive impact in the enterprise space. According to Dipesh Mukerji, senior director of product strategy & marketing, Kony Solutions, BlackBerry 10 will affect enterprise mobility in the following ways.


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