Top Six Tech Advancements in Haunted Houses

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Moving Walls / Rooms

This feature is often the most surprising to visitors because it removes them from a familiar environment and showcases the unknown. The Darkness brought this effect to life with the swamp house, and later the ice scream truck, where the entire room moves on all four points. Many other haunts have used motion-based systems for elevators, and even dropping floors.

Halloween is here and this year haunted houses are incorporating more tech and features than ever before to create a more realistic experience. Larry Kirchner, president of Blacklight Attractions, Halloween Productions and, shares the top six tech advancements that are guaranteed to spook out your haunted house this year. For more inspiration, check out these top 13 techiest haunted houses!

About the Author 

Larry Kirchner is a world-renowned expert on Halloween and horror amusements who has been building and operating attractions worldwide for 25 years. His projects have included Spiderman Ultimate Ride, Garfield’s Nightmare in 3D, The Incredible Hulk Experience in 3D and Ghostwood Estates Interactive Dark Ride, as well as hundreds of haunted houses, mini golf courses, mirror mazes, museums and other attractions. He has built more than 300 amusement attractions all over the world, including Europe, Australia, Japan, China, South America, Canada and many other countries.

In addition, he also owns and operates the world's number-one-rated haunted house, The Darkness, which is located in St. Louis, Missouri and is filled with animations, computer generated special effects and Hollywood quality scenes and sets. His company also produces sophisticated multi-motion animations and computer generated special effects, and operates, the world’s largest directory for all things haunted.


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