Top 5 Places Your Enterprise Data Is at Risk

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The Cloud

Cloud technologies present two fatal flaws for organizations, namely security and compliance issues. As more organizations move assets into the cloud to offset costs and improve collaboration, the risk for a security breach increases.

An estimated 71 percent of IT pros believe that their cloud service providers will not alert them to a data breach that involves customer data. This is problematic for several reasons. First, organizations have a responsibility to alert customers about a data breach if it affects personal data. Second, compliance regulations demand that cloud service providers maintain an environment of security and transparency at all times. Failure to meet regulatory demands can cause significant financial damage in the form of fines and penalties, as well as a tarnished reputation. It's critical that organizations add persistent data-centric protection to data and files that are shared and stored in the cloud. Do not rely on the cloud service provider to protect your information.

With an increase in cyber attacks targeting financial data, health care records, HR files, intellectual property and other forms of highly sensitive data, enterprises must evaluate not only what data is at risk, but where data is at risk. The threat perimeter has expanded well beyond the walls of most organizations as more file sharing, mobile devices and cloud technologies are deployed by IT departments.

Knowing where data resides is the first step in securing the enterprises' new perimeter. However, the battle isn't won until security controls are in place, regardless of a file's location.

In this slideshow, Seclore breaks down the top five areas exposing your sensitive data to risk, and provides tips for minimizing security vulnerabilities.

The top five areas exposing your sensitive data to risk and tips for minimizing security vulnerabilities.

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