The 11 Essentials of Enterprise Security

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Service: Email & Web protection

Description: These days, companies that don't manage their email and Web usage are risking more than a careless reputation. Malicious content can cripple entire networks, expose employers to lawsuits and eat away at profits. Corporations that invest in email and Web security solutions save time and money by blocking unwanted messages and content, while keeping networks free of malware, spyware and viruses. 

Importance: 2013 ended with a Target-shaped bombshell affecting the financial details of 40 million customers - with some estimating this figure to be much higher. The subsequent investigation appears to have identified a phishing email, sent to a third-party contractor, as the most likely avenue that allowed criminals to infiltrate Target's network. Unfortunately, Target isn't the first and is unlikely to be the last victim of this type of attack. 2014 has started with record levels of phishing activity coupled with an even greater increase in email activity distributing malware. Shoring up on email and Web security would significantly lower the risk of becoming a victim.

The job of an enterprise's chief security officer (CSO) is a difficult one. Devising a strategy that ensures the company's network and data are secure can be a daunting challenge. With high profile breaches like Target and Adobe making headlines recently, enterprise security has finally been brought into the public spotlight. This newfound awareness has put the pressure on enterprises to assure their customers that they are taking every measure possible to boost their security.

This leaves executives asking, where do I start? With so many different considerations to take into account, there is no single solution that will meet all the security needs of a given organization.

Here are the 11 essentials for keeping your enterprise secure.


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