The Benefits of Big Data Hindered by Traditional Analytic Approaches

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A huge bottleneck to analytics is the data preparation phase, which accounts for 30 to 60 percent of the time spent in analytics, because data is saved without context.

OpTier, a leader in application performance management (APM) and providing end-to-end contextual transaction data, analyzing billions of transactions per day, recently announced key findings from its newly released Big Data analytics research study. The research shows that amid all the hype, few companies are able to apply analytics to Big Data for competitive advantage, because of the time and costs associated with traditional approaches to analytics.

To better understand how companies are currently analyzing Big Data, what they are lacking, and how they can better take advantage of Big Data, Jacques Takou Tuh, an MBA student at the Kellogg School of Management and Adam Kanouse, CIO of OpTier, conducted primary research with business executives at Global 250 companies. Based on one-on-one interviews and focus groups spanning industries including financial services, health care, media and entertainment, retail and telecommunications, these findings are summarized in a research paper entitled "Making Big Data Analytics Fast and Easy."


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