Ten Tech Skills Heading the Way of the Dinosaur - 2013 Edition

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These operating systems are reaching end of life (EoL) where they will not be supported and updated by Microsoft at all. If bugs, exploits, etc. are found in them, they will go unpatched. Not only that, but many new applications no longer support them and drivers are getting harder to come by for them. There are still many who know these operating systems, but the demand for these skills is rapidly shrinking. Windows 2000, NT, 98, etc. are in even worse condition as they are rarely used now. According to Wikipedia, Windows 7 is the market-leading desktop OS, with approximately 45 percent of the market, while Windows 2000 is at 0.06 percent, NT 4 at 0.05 percent and Windows 98 at 0.01 percent. Windows XP is still around 40 percent, but that is dropping off rapidly as the end of support nears. On the server side, learn Windows 2008 or 2012 and/or Linux. You'll need to prepare for today's operating systems to do any kind of system administration work in the years ahead.

IT is a very fast changing industry - what is hot today may be a tiny niche market in only a few years and things that few have heard of may be huge trends in the same timeframe. There are many new technologies on the way, and that means opportunities for those who watch the coming trends to prepare themselves early on, and thus have experience when the demand picks up. There are many articles devoted to what is hot in the IT industry today, so we won't rehash them here. Instead, Global Knowledge has focused on skills that are going away. If these skills are all you have, you may soon find yourself in an unemployment line. If these skills are the most recent ones you have, NOW is the time to update your skill set and prepare for the future.

This year's top 10 skills that are going the way of the dinosaur (in no particular order) include the following.


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