Ten Features to Like About Windows 8.1

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Deep SkyDrive Integration

Microsoft greatly beefed up SkyDrive integration in Windows 8.1, even offering capabilities not found in competing cloud storage services. For one, users can save all their files to SkyDrive by default, or make use of the File Explorer integration to access items in cloud storage just as if they were stored locally. This is implemented using placeholder files, which look and feel like normal files, but which are not actually downloaded until they are accessed. Where image files are concerned, large thumbnails are downloaded instead of the actual files, allowing them to be browsed or even viewed normally. The end result is significant space savings on the local storage drive, to the tune of a fraction of original storage space.

Released last year, Windows 8 is an important operating platform for organizations that are invested in the Windows ecosystem. Under the hood, the new operating system from Microsoft delivers substantial security improvements and faster boot times, even as it integrates new features such as full touch support and the Windows Store for fuss-free downloading and installation of apps.

We can’t deny, however, that its take-up has been relatively muted. To address criticisms from both consumers and businesses, Microsoft has made a notable number of changes in the free Windows 8.1 update. The usual stability enhancements aside, check out the top 10 things to like about Windows 8.1.


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