Study Finds Mobile Data Privacy Concerns Remain High; Awareness Growing

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Yet, regarding the type of data smartphone users are willing to share, the study found that the vast majority of users will NOT share: contact information (99 percent), precise location data (89 percent), or Web surfing behavior (88 percent).

TRUSTe, a leading global data privacy management (DPM) company, recently released findings from its “2013 U.S. Consumer Data Privacy Study: Mobile Edition,” conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of TRUSTe among more than 700 U.S. smartphone users between June 12 and June 19, 2013. The study provides a valuable barometer on current consumer perceptions and mobile privacy trends by examining issues, such as data collection, geo-location tracking, mobile advertising and privacy management responsibility.

Among the top findings: Many smartphone users are more concerned about mobile privacy than a phone’s brand, screen size, weight or camera resolution; nearly eight in 10 smartphone users won’t download an app they don’t trust; and although the majority of those surveyed don’t like the concept of tracking, nearly a third of smartphone users are still unaware it even happens.

“With mobile privacy concerns running hotter than ever, the business implications simply can’t be ignored,” said Chris Babel, CEO for TRUSTe. “If a user won’t download an app or share location data, mobile commerce – and technology innovation – takes a hit. To secure their future growth, companies must address mobile privacy concerns now – giving users what they’re asking for with more transparency and control over their privacy choices.”


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