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If there is a high probability of an event occurring, consider the following:

  • Identify incident management team members, including an incident manager, and alternates.
  • Identify business and information technology recovery team leaders and alternates.
  • Update all critical internal and external contact lists. Include home address, home telephone, cellular phone, pager, and email address.
  • Establish a conference bridge. Provide all incident management team members the conference bridge number and pass code.
  • Establish a voice mailbox for employees to monitor for status updates.
  • Determine if you should place SunGard on alert if you are a subscriber (see SunGard Alert and Disaster Notification Procedures).
  • Ensure that monitoring service vendors (e.g., alarm company) have current contact information.
  • Develop procedures to account for employees.
  • Provide employees with threat response procedures, if appropriate (e.g., bomb threat, evacuation).
  • Create backup tapes and ship off site.
  • Identify a crisis command center outside of the anticipated impact area.
  • Top off emergency generators and arrange for additional fuel deliveries.
  • Acquire battery operated radios with spare batteries.

This slideshow features a checklist, developed by SunGard, of high-level tasks that should be considered in threat or response mode. Topics range from assessment and plan activation factors to safety issues, security, communications and personnel notification guidelines. While not a substitute for a comprehensive incident management plan, the checklist provides a concise overview of key areas to address. An expanded version of this checklist can be obtained on request from SunGard Availability Services.


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