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Many sites may think they’re too small to attract attention. However, DDoS isn’t a hard attack to perform. Ironically, DDoS is even available as a service. If your site is big enough to attract any business, it’s big enough to attract a potential attacker.

Reducing the cost of an attack starts with early detection. There are simple techniques you can use to alert yourself to an attack. Run a script on your server that sends a message periodically with the recent traffic count: You’ll get a warning either if the count jumps significantly, or the message doesn’t arrive. Additionally, use a remote monitoring program that periodically checks the service’s availability.

A large DDoS attack may block your management access if the site is remote. Try to make sure there’s a cost-effective out-of-band management solution.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are able to take out an entire site in a matter of minutes. Firewalls and traditional tools like intrusion detection and prevention systems cannot always mitigate the security risks associated with these threats.

New techniques and technologies in DDoS attacks can be more aggressive than their DoS predecessors and require a different kind of approach to network security. This slideshow features some of the tricks and tools, identified by Jim MacLeod, product manager at WildPackets, that can be employed to hinder the flow of a DDoS attack.


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