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The goal of any DDoS attack is to overwhelm a service to the point where it no longer works. While DDoS has historically been just an annoyance, there is usually a financial impact, such as lost sales or a spike in bandwidth costs. Cloud-hosted services, which charge by usage, are especially financially vulnerable to an onslaught of traffic.

DDoS attacks use large numbers of computers simultaneously targeting a single service. The attack often comes from botnets, which are composed of PCs infected by a virus. Recently, DDoS has been used by political protesters, who crowdsource attackers through downloadable software.

Older DoS attacks like SYN floods used limited numbers of attackers, so it was possible to use automatic per-client rate-limiting, or to block the IPs. Modern DDoS techniques try to avoid large amounts of traffic per attacker, and rely purely on large numbers.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are able to take out an entire site in a matter of minutes. Firewalls and traditional tools like intrusion detection and prevention systems cannot always mitigate the security risks associated with these threats.

New techniques and technologies in DDoS attacks can be more aggressive than their DoS predecessors and require a different kind of approach to network security. This slideshow features some of the tricks and tools, identified by Jim MacLeod, product manager at WildPackets, that can be employed to hinder the flow of a DDoS attack.


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