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VDI produces small, random write-intensive IO in a steady state and bursts of IO during peak workloads for short periods. Legacy disk-based storage arrays do not perform well with this kind of random IO pattern. Adding flash as read-cache is not sufficient, as it typically cannot deliver consistent performance in this type of environment.

There are a lot of new flash vendors that have emerged on the market with flash-based storage to help ease the pain points in this area. Look for solutions that leverage flash as first-class storage for reads and writes. This will help with the latency that occurs during sporadic workloads to provide consistent performance.

There are a number of technical challenges to consider when it comes to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), from understanding associated licensing requirements to wide area network issues. Perhaps the single most difficult pain point when it comes to VDI, though, is storage.

This slideshow features common storage challenges for VDI projects, as identified by Geoff Stedman, vice president of marketing at Tintri. Learn what they are, and how you can possibly avoid some of these missteps.


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