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Ensure there are measures in place to protect equipment and data from theft, damage and unauthorized access. They should include the following.

  • Physical measures for premises, such as access control, intruder alarms and lockable cabinets for sensitive or valuable assets.
  • Procedural controls, such as choosing passwords, taking backups and locking away papers and laptops when offices are vacated.
  • Technical measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software and backup devices. It’s vital also to ensure critical security updates are promptly applied.

Security technology can be used to safeguard sensitive data and prevent or detect potential incidents. Examples of security products that are becoming increasingly essential for everyday business use include:

  • Strong authentication devices for remote access by home or mobile users
  • Hard disk encryption systems to protect data on laptops
  • Intrusion prevention systems to block incoming attacks from the Internet
  • Vulnerability management technologies to monitor the exposure of networked computers to potential attack

Small enterprises are the engine of our economy, generating innovation, employment and wealth, so your security matters. Data breaches are bad for business, so every enterprise needs security. In the past, this was expensive, because security products were designed for companies with deep pockets and teams of experts. But that’s changed. New cloud-based services are fast to deploy, safe and easy to use. What’s more, they’re even more affordable.

With growing demands from customers and regulators for security, now is a good time to invest in security. Leading cloud-based security services deliver a professional level of security assurance in a form that fits the circumstances and pockets of small businesses.

This slideshow features nine steps, identified by Qualys, that businesses can take to reduce risks at an affordable price.


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