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Although organizations profess a strong commitment to RBSM, they are taking little action.

In the U.S., over three quarters (77 percent) express significant or very significant commitment to RBSM, yet barely more than half (52 percent) have a formalized approach to it, and less than half (46 percent) have actually deployed any RBSM program activities.

A vast majority of U.K. organizations (72 percent) claim a significant or very significant commitment to RBSM. Even though most organizations are committed to and have a formal RBSM approach, more than half in the U.K. still don’t have formal strategies or procedures in place. Among the companies that do have strategies in place, most are not implementing all elements of a strong RBSM structure creating potential risks for businesses moving forward.

Tripwire, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, and the Ponemon Institute recently announced the results of “The State of Risk-Based Security Management (RBSM) Study.” This international study included data from 2,145 individuals from organizations of different sizes and types in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

This study evaluates how organizations view their risk-based security management (RBSM) and how they address their RBSM through formal programs, deployment of specific controls and how they measure program effectiveness.

The report details the current state of risk management and perceptions about the benefits to organizations as well as provides guidance on how to strengthen an organization’s security practices and add value to the business through a risk-based approach. The report also provides recommendations for mitigating risks, protecting data and detecting cyber attacks and data breaches accurately and efficiently.


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